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Discussion in 'Introductions & Farewells' started by xKiddo, Sep 1, 2019.

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    My name is Danny and my friend recommend this site to me.

    I'm very interested in doing the Meso thing for MapleStory and also getting to know some of you guys along the way!
    I just don't know where to go and who to talk to and all the noob questions i have.

    Thanks for stopping by and if someone can help me with the Botting, that would be great. :)

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    My advice is to start with all of the useful guides and tutorials here on GK. Start with the pinned threads on the Terminal Setup & Announcements section to get a feel of what terminal does and how it works.

    Then mess around on some accounts you don't care about to get more familiar with specific hacks.

    Always try to troubleshoot and learn on your own before you bombard the chat box with questions. People are much more willing to help if you gave it a go on your own first.

    Goodluck :)
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  3. Karmicfury

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    I whole heartily agree with Norse and that you should do A LOT of reading. When I started, I read on as many recent and relevant post as I could. Starting off with Terminal can be tough if you're completely new.I myself was one with absolutely zero experience with trainers/botting, programming/coding etc but I was able to learn and although I'm not as proficient as many other long term users here or others with experience in coding/programming, I'm able to to do what I desire with a little extra quality of life also.

    Most of your time using Terminal will be spent by doing things yourself and testing out the program, as Norse mentioned, I hope you have a few accounts that you can throw away for testing purposes before you do anything to main account if you value it. Test it well and test it good :)

    The community here is for the most part very nice with a great staff/dev team and various community members who help and provide sources for the public to utilize, though at the same time the community is also somewhat irritable. There are things that people simply won't tell you (farming areas/spots as a blatant example) which you have to figure out yourself. Always try to figure out things yourself before making a post or asking in chat. Sometimes people answer and sometimes people don't, you just have to be grateful that someone answered or just carry on and figure it yourself when you're ignored. Don't ask your hand to be held, people won't help if you shotgun basic questions that can be figured out in less than a minute by yourself through testing or reading.

    Have fun.
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