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  1. CodeOne

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    Many people have encountered problems using a bypass, so I decided to make this guide to help everyone out. First and foremost, lets start with actually getting the bypass set up.

    We need to download the bypass first. Here's the link.

    (Special thanks goes to MHR and Blaze for this bypass)

    Now, go ahead and download the bypass. The next thing you'll have to do, is to drag the bypass to the maplestory directory. The directory is where ever your Maplestory has been installed. For most people, its in: C:\Nexon\MapleStory

    P.S: This bypass should only be used for trainers besides Terminal. Terminal has a built-in bypass, and therefore does not need one.


    There's how you get the bypass installed and ready to use, but what about some of these problems that occur?

    1) One of these errors may be the following: GK Bypass: "somehow failed."
    The reason this error shows up, is because you're trying to use an incompatible bypass. In other words, this bypass is only meant for GMS, and it only works on GMS. Trying to use it on a private server, or any other Maplestory region(MSEA, KMS) will not work.

    2) "I'm experiencing stutters in my Maplestory while playing when using the bypass."
    The reason for these stutters is because of the new Maplestory update. It's server sided, and Nexon needs to fix it.
    One way you can fix the lag is the following:

    • Open command prompt with admin privileges.
    • Enter: netsh advfirewall firewall add rule name="MaplestoryFix" protocol=TCP dir=out action=block remoteip=
    • Press enter.
    • Tadah. Your lag should be fixed.
    • To delete the firewall entry when they get around to fixing the lag:
      1. Open command prompt with admin privileges.
      2. Enter: netsh advfirewall firewall delete rule name=MaplestoryFix
      3. Press enter.
    3) An error that looks like this: Cannot open C:\Users\GODPC~1\AppData\Local\Temp\Rar$DIb0.525\dinput8.dll.
    Your firewall or anti-virus is blocking the bypass from being extracted, so you can either:
    A) Disable your anti-virus or firewall totally.
    B) Add an exception to your anti-virus/firewall.
    I'll show you guys an example with Windows Defender:
    Search up Windows Defender in your search bar. Go to settings, and click on "add an exclusion". Then click on, exclude a file, and select your bypass.

    4) NGS Hacking Detected (0xD1800101)
    Now, the reason this comes up is because the bypass is outdated, and your hacks are being detected by Maplestory. The only thing to do in this situation is to wait patiently for the updated bypass :)

    5) NGS needs to be updated?
    This happens because your NGS has become outdated. All you need to do is redownload a clean version from the maplestory website and run maplestory without a bypass so NGS is able to update to the latest version. (Thanks to Qybah for this fix :))
    It can be downloaded here:

    Leave a comment if you need help, or if you have solutions to contribute to the thread. :)
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  2. Vietine

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    Just a suggestion. Could you add the code to unblock the IP address in case Nexon fixes the chat server?
    Also, for the NGS Hacking Detected, you can just delete 3 log files in BlackCipher folder (BlackCipher, BlackCall, NGClient) to clear history. Then you can log back in. Or you can add this link so that everyone knows where to download a clean version.
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  3. CodeOne

    CodeOne Prominent Hacker

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    Thanks, I added what you suggested :)
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  4. Aling Aybar

    Aling Aybar Peru The New Guy

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    I added what you suggested , Good Good Thank
  5. YerCrazy

    YerCrazy United States Premium Premium

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    I'm getting this error "Cannot find 'DINPUT8.dll'. Please, resintall this application"

    That's when I put the dinput8.dll into my maplestory folder....
    But it works regularly(no bypass or anything) when I take the bypass out

    any suggestion
    I Do have net frame 4.5 install
  6. CodeOne

    CodeOne Prominent Hacker

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    Redownload dinput8 and disable your anti-virus before doing it.
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  7. camsze

    camsze Lurker

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    Thanks for letting us now :) Helpful
  8. liori

    liori Lurker

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    hey, i put the dll at the maplestory folder.. and nothing happend. do u know why?
  9. CodeOne

    CodeOne Prominent Hacker

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    Disable your anti-virus, redownload the bypass, and drag it into your folder.
  10. Star Boy

    Star Boy The New Guy

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    Thank you, excellent guide!
  11. faus

    faus Lurker

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    Does it work in any version os MapleStory like MapleSEA?
  12. CodeOne

    CodeOne Prominent Hacker

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    No, it does not. It only works for GMS.
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  13. KamiOh

    KamiOh The New Guy

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    i new for here and i have a problem with bypass.
    i put dinput8.dll into maplestory folder.
    Run game launcher and i can see logo GK , byppas is working.
    But 5 min later kick me from game.
    A clarification.
    I only use the bypass, I'm not using any trainer or the cheat engine


    Win10 Enterprise LTSB x64 ver 1607(2016)
    Microsoft visual c++ 2010 redistributable package (x86-x64)
    Microsoft visual c++ 2013 redistributable package (x86-x64)
    microsoft visual c++ 2016 redistributable package (x86-x64)
    Net framework 4.6.2
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  14. homogamez

    homogamez Lurker

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    my question do i need to attack CE to maplestory.exe or to the cipher.exe?
  15. vSharpies

    vSharpies United States Prominent Hacker

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    Stop flooding threads with the same q.

    But to answer that again - maplestory.exe.
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  16. Dankmemes420

    Dankmemes420 Canada Premium Premium

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    Everytime i launch the game with just the bypass, it keeps telling me i have to update the game but its already updated and i can play the game with nexon game launcher. any solutions ?
  17. ElAnoni

    ElAnoni Brazil The New Guy

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    Ok so I still can't launch this bypass, this is what I've done so far:
    - Uninstalled my antivirus(avast)
    - Moved my MS folder to C: (it was at D:)
    - switched between my two video card drivers
    - reinstalled my vcredist
    - completely disabled my firewall
    and still, it won't pop up any GK logo, and when I try to launch via steam it answers me with themida error + a "DINPUT.dll CRACKED OR WITH VIRUS" and the game doesn't launch
    I don't want to give up, help me please :<
    Thanks ><
    @EDIT: Already done this Disable your anti-virus, redownload the bypass, and drag it into your folder.
    the error persists.
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  18. randompenguith

    randompenguith Lurker

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    Did you figure it out? I am having the same problem
  19. ryanlololo

    ryanlololo Lurker

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    When I click on the 'Bypass' link, it says this: "You do not have permission to view this page or perform this action."
    Will anyone help me, please?
  20. elazar

    elazar Israel Informed Hacker

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    i cant download the bypass whem i try to click the the bypass download page this is happend ''You do not have permission to view this page or perform this action.''
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