How to Major Vote Abuse On MapleRoyals (Or Any Other MS Private Server)

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    I’m sure many people know how to vote abuse to some extent on private servers already. However, in this guide I will provide a step by step tutorial on exactly how to change your IP address using HMA, how to spoof your MAC address using VMWare, and some advices from me to you on how to hide that you are vote abusing as much as possible, especially on a Private Server with GMs and Admins that actually do their job like MapleRoyals.

    I will provide screenshots and detailed explanations for all of the steps to vote abuse (while covering your tracks as much as possible). Hopefully you can learn something and adapt my style, or create your own.

    This guide is targeted at MapleRoyals specifically. But the principals can of course be applied to vote abusing in any Private Server.


    Best VPN for the job. A yearly subscription does cost $60, but it is ABSOLUTELY worth it. Mainly because it allows you to easily randomize your IP location and has decent connection speeds. I feel it’s better if you just pay $60 a year for this VPN than some free shitty VPN.

    This is your VM tool to spoof your MAC address. You can spoof your mac address on your own PC but regardless you will need a VM anyways to play MapleRoyals and to transfer AP Resets from your mule accounts to your main accounts to sell.
    Before beginning, please first follow the tutorial on MapleRoyals forum to first setup playing MapleRoyals on VM. You will need to have this done before proceeding to vote abusing.


    MapleRoyals is the most popular V62 server at the time of writing this guide, and for good reason. GMs and Admins are insanely active, and they employ an array of tools to find exploiters and cheaters. For tracking vote abusers, they use anything from droplog, trade log, IP tracking to MAC address tracking.

    All these things present a challenge for vote abusers like us to vote abuse, while being under the radar. Therefore, getting away with major vote abuse on that Private Server means not only doing the vote abusing, but also how to spend the extra NX you got without raising suspicion.

    Vote Abuse Steps

    The following steps are to be performed on each and every one of your vote abuse accounts, every day, to vote abuse

    Note: If the below steps don’t work, make sure you perform the steps in “Cashing out NX” section below this section at least once, before trying these steps in this section again.

    1. Open HMA, press "Connect to VPN"

    2. After you connected, you should see the screen below. Change the dropdown for Quick VPN location change to “Random 10 closest servers”. This will ensure fastest connection speed.

    Note: For each of your vote abuse account and prior to voting, you have to change your IP Address by clicking the “Change IP Address” button .

    3. Log onto MapleRoyals, enter your vote abuse account name, and click “Vote

    Note: After you click the “Vote” button , you don’t actually need to click the “Please click here to vote” link to redirect you to the vote server page to receive NX. By just click the “Vote” button on this page, you will receive NX. So don’t bother clicking the “Please click here to vote” link, it will only wastes your time.

    4. You are done, repeat steps 2 to 3 for every one of your vote abuse accounts. If you have 17 vote abuse accounts, do the above 17 times. Make sure every time you “Change IP Address” on HMA.

    Cashing out NX Steps

    The following steps are to be performed on each and every one of your vote abuse accounts, periodically, whenever you want to cash out the NX gained on your vote mule accounts to your main account.
    If you haven’t already done so, make sure you have already setup playing MapleRoyals in VM. The steps to doing so is specificied in the “Tools” section of this guide for VMWare Player. The steps below will assume you have already successfully setup your VMWare Player.

    1. Open VMWare Player, right click on the VM machine that you would like to use, and click “Settings

    Note: I created 2 VM Machines as you can see below just for me. You only need one, it can be called whatever you want. If you followed the tutorial on MapleRoyals forums it will be called “Windows XP Professional”

    2. Navigate to “Network Adapter”, click “Advanced”, then click “Generate” beside the MAC Address text book

    Note: This will randomize your MAC address for your VM, which would allow us to spoof our MAC address.

    3. Click “OK” on each dialog box to finish setting up the MAC Address. Start your VM as usual. Log into MapleRoyals on your VM on one of your Vote abuse accounts, and transfer your NX into AP Resets and trade it to your main account.

    Note: If you don’t know how to start your VM or start MapleRoyals on your VM, again refer back to to set it up.

    4. You are done, repeat steps 1 to 3 for every one of your vote abuse accounts you intend to cash in. If you have 17 vote abuse accounts, do the above 17 times.

    Note: You must spoof and change your MAC address on your VM every time you want to log into another vote abuse account. You MAY NOT simply log off and log into a different vote abuse account. Doing so would cause you not being able to vote abuse until you log on that account on a different MAC address

    Vote Abuse Explanations
    All private servers use IP Address and MAC Address to identify a player, and MapleRoyals is no exception. When you log into MapleRoyals, your IP is tracked and stored in the database. When you actually enter the game (Click “Select Character”), your MAC address is tracked and stored in the database.

    When you click the “Vote” button on MapleRoyals vote page, it tracks your IP address for this vote, and compares to its vote history database to see whether this voting IP address has voted in the last 24 hours. If it has, it denies you from voting. (This is why you need HMA or any VPN to randomize your IP Address)

    If your IP Address hasn’t voted in the last 24 hours, it further looks at the last entering game MAC Address that the account you are trying to vote for, and see whether or not another account with that same MAC Address has voted in the last 24 hours. If there is, it denies you from voting. (This is why you need to spoof your MAC Address using VMs)

    If everything checks out, your IP Address is added to the vote history database table, and your MAC address’ last vote time is updated to the current time.

    Beyond Vote Abuse
    If you follow the steps I wrote above, it shouldn’t be a challenge to major vote abuse. However, it becomes much tougher to non suspiciously cash out the major NX gain you get, especially on MapleRoyals. Here are a set of rules that I came up by myself to minimize chances of getting banned. It is mostly targeted at MapleRoyals. Follow it if you think it’s useful and a good idea.

    1.Always convert your vote abuse NX to AP Resets

    a. Gachapon can be suspicious because you must gacha on mule accounts, and if you get something good like a white scroll, it sends a server wide message. We want as little people to see that we gachaed something using illegally gained NX as possible

    b. TP Rocks or safety charms are the only other options, but there is not enough demands for both items. Remember we will be selling by the thousands

    2. NEVER EVER sell AP Resets on Mule Accounts

    a. It is EXTREMELY suspicious for anyone to see a level 15 or 16 beginner clothes warrior selling massive amounts of AP Resets. Doing so will easily cause a report on the forums for investigation

    3. NEVER EVER drop trade to transfer items from Mule accounts to main account

    a. Drop trading is very risky. If someone sees you dropping high amounts of AP Resets, they may bring you to GM for investigation. Always do normal trading between your mules and your main account. It will be tedious, but safe

    4. Never advertise to bulk sell

    a. Never advertise to say you have 2000 AP Resets for sale. In my experience, if someone ask how many AP Resets you have, say you have “over 100” at most.

    b. Think about it this way, a legit non vote abuser makes no more than 3 AP Resets a day (8k nx). Claiming to have 1000 or 2000 means at least 1 or 2 years of saving up NX. This is rather unlikely and it’s safer just to not say you have so many

    c. Sell at most 200 AP Resets or so to each person. Sell to a lot of people. This way you paint an image that you only have 200 AP resets to each person, rather than 2000

    5. Trade with people who are buying, but don’t broadcast that you are selling

    a. This is just me but I like to not even say I am selling AP Resets. I wait in FM for people to say they are buying AP Resets and trade them. This is so that I can even more reduce anyone from even knowing that I have AP Resets for sale, much less thousands for sale.

    6. Never Trade with GMs

    a. Don’t buy from them, don’t sell to them, they are like the plague

    7. Be ready to justify your money if you buy things too expensive

    a. Remember if you are buying a super expensive item like a 18 ATT PGC on the forums, GMs on the forums will see that and will want to know where your money comes from. It is possible they start investigating your account and find you vote abusing

    This is especially true if appearing to other people, you got huge amounts of money within a short period of time. Let's say you just joined on the forums for 1 month (People can see how long you have joined on the forums), and you are posting that you are buying a 16 bil item. Then immediately you will be flagged for investigation (How did you get 16 bil in just 1 month)??

    Even if you have joined over a long time, but on the forums you have been only trading small items (items under 1 bil), then suddenly you "magically" start trading items worth over 10 bil at a frequent rate, that is also another red flag for GMs and will be reason for investigation.

    I cannot stress enough the importance of "painting your forum image". Before you make that post or thread buying, bidding or selling an expensive item, think about how people will view your game account linked to your forum account if you start a massive buying spree of expensive items.

    b. One trick I do is I always wait at least 2 months before a major purchase. If I buy a 15 bil item, I must wait another 2 months before I buy another one. This will minimize people on the forums seeing me purchasing big expensive items.

    8. Read Ban Appeal section on MapleRoyals Frequently

    a. GMs on MapleRoyals actually give away a lot on how they find Vote Abusers. You can learn from what other vote abusers did wrong to reveal to GMs they vote abused, and learn off it and perfect your own methods to cover your tracks

    How GMs detect you Vote Abusing

    Most of the time, GMs find you vote abusing by investigating your account directly. When they investigate your account, they have your trade log, drop log, IP Address, and MAC Address.

    It is completely futile to hide that you vote abused if they investigate because no matter what you do, you need to transfer your AP resets from your mules to your main account. Just those actions alone means they can easily find all your accounts in your trade log and then they can easily infer that you majorily vote abused.

    Because of this, we as vote abusers must do everything we can to MINIMIZE suspicion from other people. This is why I came up with the 8 steps above in the previous section to help you minimize the changes of exposing yourself to other people that you are vote abusing.

    Remember, once you are suspected, you are screwed.

    About Me
    I had been vote abusing for about a year before I was banned. I was vote abusing on 17 accounts every single day. Those 17 accounts gave me about 300 mil per day, which is a White Scroll a day.

    I sold AP Resets exclusively. Every month or so I move all my AP Resets from my Mule Accounts to my main account and sell them.

    I made a mistake and got banned because I traded about 100 AP Resets right about when a random hacker on Channel 1 FM was duping and dropping AP Resets. So when the GMs were investigating trade logs of people who picked up and sold the duped AP Resets to other people, they also picked up my trade log. They found that while I didn't trade with the hacker, I traded with 17 vote mules

    Then I was banned. Don’t make my mistake.


    1. If I want to trade AP Resets from my mule account to my main account, how do I ensure that both accounts have different IP address and MAC address?

    So what you want to do is to open up 2 VMs from VM Ware. Of course you must have randomized 2 different and seperate MAC address using the method I showed in the guide. Then you can log into different accounts from those 2 VMs and trade that way.

    Of course this wouldn't solve the problem with both accounts logging in with same IP Address. But just having different MAC address while logging in allows you to vote abuse already. You only need to have seperate IP Address for your accounts when you VOTE not when you LOG IN.

    If you want to be safer though and have seperate IP Address when you log in, you then need to install the HMA client on your VM for each and every instance of your VM. When you log in from your VM, simply run and randomize your IP address on your VM client first. Then you will log in with a different IP Address.
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    Well now there's a problem, we can't buy AP Rests / Gach tickets below level 50.. Any solution to this? The nx is kinda useless this way..
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    I am using IPVanish for my VPN, a paid version. But Gtop100 detects I'm using a vpn. I'm not using vmware, do you think that's why I'm being detected?

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