Hows the Rocket League Cheat?

Discussion in 'Rocket League' started by Pznda, Aug 13, 2017.

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  1. Pznda

    Pznda United Kingdom Lurker

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    Hey Guys.

    I've been an active player on rocket league for about 1 year now and I have always wondered whether it is possible to get some sort of cheat to this game. I can roughly do basic ariels and stuff like that but I can't do none of this Kronovi stuff.

    So after intense thorough research for about 3 days I found a forums post on this site saying something about rocket league ball prediction and I was like "oooooooooooooooooooooooooo" . So I had a look at it and it seems pretty good for what your paying for.

    So I just wanted to ask some of the people who have used it, Is it worth it?

    I'm especially interested in the autoaim module. Does this actually follow the ball for you on the ground and in the air so Its basically like a ariel bot?

    All replies are appreciated :)


    EDIT: Also If I was to buy the Rocket League Cheat, What package would I have to buy?
    EDIT: I have just seen that you can download a free version of it but can anyone tell me how to inject it since I inject it and went on freeplay and I tried to press F1 but this Cheats did not come up on my screen and on the GameKiller it just says waiting for game (stop) . Why is this?
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  2. Henrik Nielsen

    Henrik Nielsen Denmark Lurker

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    Cars and football :D
  3. zamocny

    zamocny Poland Lurker

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    Lol at cheating in , isn't all the fun about how you feel when you play good? there isn't really much profit in winning itself
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  4. rxdc

    rxdc Germany The New Guy

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    So isn't in boosting and smurfing and yet people do it/buy it.
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