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    Server [NA]
    Prices Negotiable

    Stock: 0b
    From US Buyer Pays Fees

    Discord: Havoc#5306

    Ice burners

    Archangel 7/9 (Missing Crown and Wings)
    El Search Party Officer 6/6 (Have both Hairs)
    El Search Part Officer’s Har (Dark ver.)
    Nasod Battle Suit 4/5 (Missing Hair)
    Archdevil 4/5 + Weapon (Missing Hair)
    Salvatore Solace 5/5
    Evil Tracer Top Piece + Evil Dominator (Arm Piece)
    Salvatore Denif Weapon
    Diamond Yaksha 8/10 (Weapon + Cape is Heavenly) (Missing Mask and Leg wing)
    Dragon Knight – Abaddon 5/5 + Weapon
    Dark Shadows Weapon
    Salvatore Ebalon 4/5 (Missing hair) + 3/4 (Missing leg wing)
    Glacial 4/5 (Missing Hair) + Glacial Wing
    Gold Falcon 5/5 + Gold Falcon Seal
    Salvatore Ventus 5/5 + 2/4 (Missing Wing Feather and Ceylon's Grace)
    Hamel Navy Officer 5/5 (No hat) + 3/4 (Missing Weapon)
    Thanatos - Death Instinct 4/5 (Missing Hair) + Mask
    Blue Millennium Fox 4/5 (Missing Hair) + Blue Millennium Fox Mask
    Salvatore Gaia Hair
    Velder Academy Knights - Black Noble 5/5 (No hat) + 2/4 Velder Academy Knights (Missing Weapon and lens (Face Acc Mid.)
    Masquerade + 2/4 (Missing Mask and Earrings)
    Henir - Lord of Time and Space 4/5 (Missing Hair)
    Perkisas - Guise of Greed 2/5 (Missing Top, Bottom, and Shoes) + Weapon
    Archpriest Gloves
    Mariposa Requiem 9/9
    Dusk Sovereign 9/9
    Chess – Arena 9/9
    Crescent Lullaby 9/9
    Divinity of Seven Realms 10/10

    Dusk and Dawn Sovereign Weap

    Dusk and Dawn Sovereign 4/4

    Black Mass 10/10
    HL 10/10
    CL 9/9
    WDS 4/4
    RF 9/9
    EO 5/6 +weap (Missing Hair )
    LP 9/9
    IC 9/9
    NBS 7/7
    RM 9/9
    BK 9/9
    MiA 10/10
    MKB 8/9 no hair

    ET2 9/9

    Chess-Arena (Black) 9/9

    Item Mall Costumes

    Trump Bunny Waiter Gloves

    Trump Bunny Waitress Weapon (red)
    Eve’s Goatman -Ver. Black 6/6 (Hair horn) +Leg wing
    2017 Winter Casual– Popping Soda 3/6 + (Missing Bottom, Gloves, and Hair)
    Sweet Dream- Good Morning 3/5 (Teddy Hoodie for hair) (Missing Top and shoes) + Weapon
    Sweet Dream Teddy Hoodie- Good Night
    Sweet Dream Bunny Hoodie- Good Night
    Sweet Dream Hair – Good Night
    Sweet Dream Bunny Hoodie – Good Morning
    Sweet Dream Hair- Good Morning
    Royal Court Attire Hair (Purple and Red)
    Winter Sports Figure Skating Hair (Blue)
    Frozen Figure Skating Hair+ Weapon
    Snow Foxy -Custard 7/7 (Both Hairs
    Luxury Wedding- Sapphire 7/7 (Both Hairs)
    ELSTAR Trainee – Original 6/6
    Tropical Solar – Cherry Balm 7/7 (Both tops)
    Tropical Solar – Lemon Balm 6/6
    Pure Vacation – Green Apple 7/7 (Both Hairs)
    Pure Vacation Another Top Piece – Green Apple
    Lovely Winter – Checkered 7/7 (Both Hairs)
    Lovey Winter – Pure White 7/7 (Both Hairs)
    Frost Pixie- Sky Blu 7/7 (Both Hairs)
    Frost Pixie- White 7/7 (Both Hairs)
    ELS Office Wear (A) 4/5 (Missing gloves)
    Elrios Noir (White) 6/6
    Short Military Haircut (White)
    Heart Shining Change – Moon River 7/7 (Both Hairs)
    Heart El Shinning Change Drone – Star River + Shoes
    Candy Devil Bottom Piece- Orange
    Cruise Wear Bottom Piece (Black)
    EL Magical Bright Aurora (Ver. Switch) 7/7 (Both Hairs)
    Winter Polar Hair- Purple
    Blossom Bird – Evening Party 6/6
    Eternal Wedding Hair – Black Purple
    Cotton Tail – Midnight 6/6 + headband
    Blonde Wavy Hair
    Lonely Wolf 3/6 - Ver. Black & White (Missing Hair, Bottom, and Gloves)
    Dark Feather Weapon
    Shinning Feather Shoes
    Trump Bunny Waitress Top Piece + Shoes
    Peral Clam Drone (Pink)
    ELS Beach Wear 2.0 5/6 (Missing Hair)
    Crimson Sailor Drone (A) + Crimson Sailor Hair (A)
    Elrios Detective Academy Top Piece – Original
    Surf’s Up Bottom Piece (Black)
    Hidden Crowd Uniform Bottom Piece -Mainstream
    Naval Fleet Bottom Piece (A)
    Gothic Punk 2/6 (Red) (Missing Hair, Weapon, Top, and Bottom)
    Ninja Gloves (White)
    Fairy Dark Clouds Weapon
    Spotti and Dotti (Bluish Green) 5/6 (Missing Hair)
    Cobo Intern Weapon (Pink)
    Nighty Night Blouse Top Piece (White)

    Costume Suits
    Dark Bishop (Eve)
    Frozen Edge Figure Skating Dress (Eve)
    Hedgehog Padding (Eve)
    Grandfather Clock (Eve)

    Shining Snow Lunar Sigil
    Spooky Corrupted Wings
    Spooky Corrupted Spirit Fire
    Spooky Corrupted Mask
    Hedgehog Mini
    Cast Shadow - Blue
    Dark Feather Scarf
    Maid Earrings (A)
    Eve’s Hedgehog Earmuffs
    Trinity ACE Fan Light
    GFRIEND rough back accessory
    EL Star ALTERCROWN Headmike (Ver. Switch)- Royal
    Alchemist Optical Lens

    Ice Burner
    Salvatore Gaia 4/5 no hair
    Archpriest Hair
    Shaviana Truffles 4/4
    Henir - Lord of Time and Space 4/5 (Missing Cuff)
    Ignition Caligo 9/9
    Radiant Flower 9/9
    Elpheus 4/4
    Black Mass 10/10
    Masquerade Shoes
    Chess – Arena (Black) 4/4
    Shaviana Truffles 5/5
    Miracle Alchemist 10/10
    Nereid 9/9
    Salvatore Rosso 9/9
    White Dragon: Servius 9/9
    Hamel Artic Officer Bottom
    Brilliant Knight 9/9
    Masquerade Top
    Mechanic General Weapon
    Nasod Battle Suit MK-B Goggles
    Royal Maid 2/5 (Missing Hair, Top and bottom)
    Mariposa Requiem Wings (White)
    Hamel Artic Officer Top
    Hamel Artic Officer Cape
    Mechanic General 5/5
    Mechanic General 2/4 (Missing Weapon and Field Code (Acc Bot.)
    Evil Tracer 3 4/4
    Salvatore Gaia Weapon

    Salvatore Gaia (Crown, top, and bottom piece accessory)
    Dusk and Dawn Sovereign Flames + Dial + Eyepatch
    Heavenly Diamond Yakasha 4/5 (Missing Hair)
    Black Mass 5/5

    White Dragon: Servius 5/5
    Black Mass 5/6 (Missing hat)
    PGG 9/9
    Black Mass 4/6 (Missing Both Hairs)

    Umbra Dark Force
    Holy Unicorn Angel Wing Force
    Dark Force x2
    7w Weap Cube

    Item Mall
    Eternal Wedding – White 6/6 (No wreath)
    Velder Academy Band- White 6/6
    Elrios Medical Team Hair – White + Hat and Weapon
    Elrios Medical Team – ER 6/6 + Hat
    ELSTAR MEGA CAKE – Blooming 7/7 (Both hairs) + Microphone
    Elrios Noir (Silver) 6/6
    Romantic Summer – Sky Soda 7/7 + Oatmeal hat
    GFRIEND- Rough Pink 6/6
    Dragon Illusion -Gold Dragon 6/6
    Hamel High Swim Team 8/8 (Both Hairs/Tops)
    Sweet Dream Teddy Hoodie- Good Night
    Dark Feather 4/5 (Missing Hair)
    Core Black Swimwear 6/6
    Abandoned Nobility- Obscura 6/6 + Hat
    Pink Dress (Eve)
    Bride’s 6/6 (Hair Dark brown clothes White)
    Trump Bunny Waitress (A) 6/6
    SWAT (White) 7/7 (Both Hairs)
    Autumn Travels- Ivory 6/6 + Hat
    Chocolatier- Blueberry 7/7 (Both Hairs)

    Mummy Costume (Ver. B) 6/6 + Bottom face accessory
    Winter Plum- Blossom Hair
    Water Spirit Hair
    Eternal Love Hair - Red
    Black Cat – Black 7/7 (Both Hairs)
    B1A4 Sweet Girl 6/6
    GFRIEND – Navillera 6/6
    GFRIEND – ME Gustas Tu 6/6
    April Fool’s Butler 5/5
    Heart El Shinning Change- Star River
    Matching Top with Developers
    Sweet Dream – Good Morning Top Piece + Shoes
    Lord Chesterfield Top Piece – Velvet Onyx
    ELSTAR MEGA CAKE Top Piece – Autumn + shoes
    Harmony Festival Hair
    Early Winter Busking- Electric 7/7 (Both Hairs)
    ELSSTAR ALTER CROWN Another Hair (Ver Switch.)
    Street Star – Original 6/6
    Cotton Tail – Original + headband
    Butterfly Garden – Midday 6/6
    Winter Polar Hair (Blue)
    Sailor Hair
    ELSTAR Trainee -Mono 6/6
    Elite Tailor- Master Course 7/7 (Both tops)
    2014 Costume Contest Winner Top Piece
    Siberian Big Horn Top Piece (Fallow)
    Fantasy Star Academy Top Piece (Pink)
    Promo Costume 4/5 (Missing Hair and shoes)
    Bad Girls Leather Jacket (Teal)
    Crimson Sailor (A) 4/5 (No Hair)
    Black Cat Top Piece- Red
    Velder Academy Uniform – Trouble Maker 3/6 (Missing Bottom, Hair, and Weapon)
    Cute Urban Bottom Piece (Red)
    Sailor Swimwear Hair -Vintage Navy
    Spring Star Academy Uniform (Red)
    EL Star Mega Cake Bottom

    Costume Suits
    Living Armor (Eve)
    Chibi Suit (Eve)

    Part Time Butler’s Glasses (A)
    Elite Tailor Classic Glasses- Master Course
    Eve Chibi Mini
    Fox Bandit Mask
    Part Time Maid's Headpiece
    Seraphim Ring- Holy
    Ocean Sunglasses

    CS +11 Raid, r12+ (+10 Crimson), SoTC, 3/3 MR Acc
    CC +11 Raid r12+ (+11 Gloves, +10 Top/Bot, +9 Shoes Crimson), 3/3 MR Acc
    NL +11 Raid, ECS, BF, 3/3 MR Acc 1.2k Amyth
    OZ +11 Void
    AN +10 Void
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  2. OriginalGeek

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    Can vouch for them! (:
    Bought Dark force off them, and they were willing to go first since no vouches (until now lol)
    Very kind of them, since there's many scammers out here recently, so they took a HUGE risk, so +rep for extreme kindness and trust! Don't make them go first now, they got my vouch for sure!
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  3. Mizumono

    Mizumono United States The New Guy

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    Bought a ton from them in 2 separate transactions, including 9ish IBs (full/combos) and like 4 IMs?
    Super friendly, negotiable, understanding, and overall easy to communicate and work with! Thanks again! \o/
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  4. Chedoke

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    ED still available?
  5. Action

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  6. totallynotgromp

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    is the BM 10/10 Laby still available?
  7. Action

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  8. GalaxyStormDZ

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    How much for the Cast Shadow - Blue?
  9. Action

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    Price will be 20$
  10. Action

    Action United States The New Guy

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    Hi Flaunt

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