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Do i suck for even trying to post this?

  1. Nah, u helped save some time or something..

  2. Yeah, we're good without u and this junk :D :D

  1. Illuminatiasn

    Illuminatiasn United Kingdom The New Guy

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    Soo.. I was so bored, that I made this little thing.. not much.
    I insist to say that I own nothing, all credits goes to GAMEKILLER members.
    This is just a simple trainer made in Cheat Engine using scripts from this thread:
    So credits goes to @jamesgandolfo and so on to the people mentioned in his thread.

    Virus scan:

    Download link:

    WARNING~ ~~ I'm not responsible for any usage of this trainer, it is made for informational purposes only. someething something.

    WARNING~ ~~ Virus scan shows something, idk maybe cuz its made with Cheat Engine?

    This contains only few scripts that i consider to be used the most. USE GKBYPASS .

    I still recommend using @md35 trainer as it is more professional and stylish.
    here is link to his
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  2. Qybah

    Qybah A/S/L/P? SMOD Premium

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    Approved :)
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  3. Illuminatiasn

    Illuminatiasn United Kingdom The New Guy

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    Thanks. Hope ill do some more in near future maybe even learn how to update zcripts myself cuz ive seen some tutorial around
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  4. Levinski

    Levinski Sweden The New Guy

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    You do you man, you're learning, if anything.
    Good work as far as I'm concerned!
  5. Gimmev62hack

    Gimmev62hack Informed Hacker

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    post it. don't be shy. even if you help 1 person that's enough.

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