[New] Introducing GKShop and GKCredits

Discussion in 'Forum News & Announcements' started by Blaze, Nov 8, 2016.

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  1. Size

    Size Elite Hacker

    I want my gold name bck

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  2. Spanksz1

    Spanksz1 Blaze other account. Premium Member

    Yes or else it wont load the hacks. Its also their way of keeping everything safe, also its going to be VIP when the time comes and this is what they use to verify a VIP user to a normal user.
  3. jz922

    jz922 Lurker

    thanks for everything
  4. Reus

    Reus Premium Premium Member

    Where my beli at??

    r i p b e l i
  5. Anything

    Anything Shiggy. Premium Member

    Loving the changes you've done to the site, dude.
    These newer members are gonna love this, without a doubt.
  6. waseemj3

    waseemj3 Premium Premium Member

    Sounds good , will be sure to try this out
  7. taikatatti

    taikatatti The New Guy

    So we are able to buy Terminal with these points? New on this forum :D
  8. Spanksz1

    Spanksz1 Blaze other account. Premium Member

    100Gk for a week long of Terminal :)
    taikatatti likes this.
  9. taikatatti

    taikatatti The New Guy

    Oh crap, maybe ill just buy it :D any idea how much is it in euros? like for month. Wanna try it 1st
  10. Qybah

    Qybah Super Moderator Staff Member

    It's 20$ so around 19€
  11. taikatatti

    taikatatti The New Guy

    Well gotta try it then, soon as i get extra money
  12. alalal312

    alalal312 Veteran Hacker

    Great idea! Can't wait to see what else will be added into the store! :)
  13. ElpeepsNoobie

    ElpeepsNoobie Fanatic Hacker

    Welcome back
  14. dieu100

    dieu100 The New Guy

    I love this hack....
  15. Raymond

    Raymond Game Killer

    GK V2 is really something incredible Blaze. You've outdone yourself you smart asian you.
  16. wangcoffeejs

    wangcoffeejs The New Guy

    I THINK this idea is great for it encouraging people to join this community.
  17. vSharpies

    vSharpies Prominent Hacker

    In all it just promotes more activity. It's a good incentive.
  18. Draken

    Draken No creative title here...

    Holy shit this place is alive again.
    Qybah likes this.
  19. cooont

    cooont The New Guy

    nice thanks a lot we appreciate it :)
  20. jkl381

    jkl381 |♚ Quality Assured ♚| Premium Member

    twenty characters please :3

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