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  1. Classic

    Classic United States Veteran Hacker

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    I wish I could make this short.

    The legindary Rain has convinced me to try this thing called terminal out.

    Here's a small list of stuff I've noticed from the changes from the other site

    What you don't get from terminal
    - you don't have a 50% rng chance of maple client crashing when you enter in your login deets from loading into the game.
    - you don't auto change resolution when you're playing another game after crashing.
    - you don't get overcharged for muilti-clienting.
    - no automatic hard enabled things that cannot be disabled without using other programs.

    Here's like a little bit of stuff you can do with Terminal as advertised

    Things you can do with terminal
    - you can actually play legitimately relatively safely this caters to the casuals who just want to play the damn game in a relative reasonable time frame after feeling comfortable with their progress
    - you can easily speed up slow shit like star-forcing and scrolling stuff with 2 clicks
    - you will find a team of people contributing and working together to get things done.
    - you can pretty much fully automate everything if you're ambitious and get that high legion no life end game dreams.
    - you can stop yourself from getting disconnected for stupid shit game company doesn't fix.
    - you can self kishin yourself and self / buff yourself without tryharding a 2nd, 3rd computer, which costs much more money to run.
    -Lowering CPU usage can be done with the CPU hacks and through disabling some dumb client side functions that take up unnecessary amounts of CPU.

    What you can take away from reading this
    Well for me I can say

    This program is never gonna stay still as the programmers behind this are actually on top of their shit.

    Is an excellent tool for anybody to benefit from.
    There's opportunities for both mass botters and casual players.

    Has a little something for everyone and anyone can easily figure out how to use this program over time at their own pace.

    There's absolutely no rush to figuring things out with this program as it is not at all overpriced. There's many opportunities open to ask for VIP support for guidance if there's issues that arise.

    Again I cannot say how thankful I am for a program that serves to improve an individual's quality of life rather than be entirely focused on gaining maximum profit's.

    If you're a casual and you are reading this testimonial you can decide if it's worth the time to spend 21 dollars and enjoy the path that unfolds before you.

    If you have no programming experience you can start having fun with learning how to do basic stuff and slowly work your way up towards becoming a script g0d.

    tl;dr so is this worth?
    A person told me fuck no. You'll just become toxic and retarded. Guy was 100% right. Only the retards save time and get the opportunities to drive forward. The true skilful players are the ones that spend more money and time and get less done.

    Then I found out later that they used this program to become just as legindary as Rain.

    @Rain @BusyChinaMan @azimatix @leroy.jenkins93 @Qybah @Blaze @Jeff @nayrb @iloveterminal
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  2. leroy.jenkins93

    leroy.jenkins93 United States Terminal Support Support Premium

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    haha bro ez life?
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  3. Faker777

    Faker777 Trinidad and Tobago #1 Meso Farmer Premium

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    haha bro , definitely ez life
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  4. Jeff

    Jeff Germany Drug Dealer Premium

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    hi minority of minority's
  5. kush239

    kush239 United States Veteran Hacker

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    welcome to ez life bro :v
  6. ace1

    ace1 United States Informed Hacker

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    ez game ez life
  7. BusyChinaMan

    BusyChinaMan United States Veteran Hacker

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    tfw most of their reboot guild moved over here :v
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  8. azimatix

    azimatix Australia Renown Hacker

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    2 ez 4 rtz bro good job
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