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    Hello GameKillers!

    This here is my official King of Kings III reverse engineering thread. If any of you have ever played the game and can help contribute any knowledge of the internal workings, it'd be much appreciated.

    My goals for this project:
    • Sufficiently map WE.exe in assembler to have a working knowledge of the main application executable
    • Write a (.LPQ), (.BHL), (.BHK) and (.DAT) file reader
    • Extract all file data and scripts from LPQ files
    • Purposefully corrupt some files to make WE.exe generate a debug file exposing internal file names upon game startup
    • Rewrite the King of Kings III main application (WE.exe) to be peer/peer and client/server instead of strictly client/server
    • Redo file layout/structure (don't pack data into LPQ files etc)
    • Create a single-player mode
    • Write custom server for new client
    • Make server capable of detecting spam bots (bots ruined the economy of the game)

    Section for updoots:
    May 12 2018 -
    Created thread, have been working at identifying all WE.exe PE references, literally drawing the program flow chart on a 3'x2 1/2' paper, will need more paper soon.

    May 14 2018 -
    Starting work @ 11:23am my time
    Edit: Identified Form file (.dfm). Files must be embedded within stock (.lpq)s or (.bhk)s
    Still looking for how to decode LPQ files and organize a data structure for them.
    3:19 - Collected more data, viewing WE.exe in cheat engine to extract more information.

    I have a deep love for this game. I spent a number of summers wasting away time with the game's community and I've never found another game quite like it.
    It wasn't an extreme grinder, and it wasn't overly gracious. The developers ended up ruining it due to cancelled in-game activities or overdone modifications to the system, or spend more/cost more currency algorithms.

    I'd like to know I'm not the only one here who misses this beauty. The in-game community is what made it great, not necessarily the individual play style or game mechanics.

    kok3_decompile_knowledge.txt - Text file used to track all PE internals of WE.exe
    WE.txt - IDA ASM output (MetaPC selected) of WE.exe
    lpq_example.png - Example of an LPQ file bundled with the game. As you can see in this file, it is partially readable, leading me to believe there is a decoding method, either in the accompanying BHL file or somewhere in the WE.exe itself.

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