[Selling] Level 250 I/L Mage, 38.9K Stat buffed with CO + MW (Has Lab + Sengoku Badge/Heart)

Discussion in 'Reboot NA' started by meeop13, Jun 23, 2020.

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    [Repost of my original thread]. Sorry ya'll, this account has not yet been sold! I work over 80 hours a week and often forget about my sale threads. I have a lot more free time now. I really appreciate the interest in my old thread and your discord contact requests, but I wasn't really able to respond to them at the time.

    Was listed on pxl market, will put up again soon.


    250 I/L Mage
    Male character
    On ranks
    Comes with original email and full access (However, email no longer has original registration email from Nexon)

    38.9K Stats buffed with Maple Warrior and Combat Orders
    970 Arcane Force
    Only around 176m but can easily farm mesos by creating a blaster and using terminal/other. Also includes meso farming equips on I/L, so it shouldn't be too hard to farm meso.
    43 Nodes left, pretty much maxed all nodes. Includes max nodes for Bishop and F/P Mage. Nodes are easy to farm anyways lol
    Inner ability includes Atk speed +1 and Buff duration +38%
    11 Phantasma coin, 23 butterfly droplet stone, 5 arcane river droplet stone
    No arcane equips as of yet

    4.2k Legion (no Exp exploits used), has level 250 and level 200 (SSS and SS) LAB legion blocks
    Main I/L mage comes with nice IGN, and some other chars on account also have decent igns.
    Comes with quite a few CS items, has death scythe, has 12 different eyes available (11 unique, 1 different color), 5 different hairs available.

    Has all important level 2 link skills.

    Comes with Wonderoid heart + Sengoku badge.

    Equips + CS + Items will be show in link below.

    Link to pictures of cash shop-related items + hair/eyes:
    Link to pictures of random totems equipped:
    Link to V Matrix:
    Link to chairs:

    Link to pictures of equips + arcane force + inner ability + damage skins, traits, mounts, items, etc:

    Meso equips to be added soon~

    Thanks for looking!

    My Discord username is where you can reach me. I am available for pretty much the rest of the week.


    TAKING PIXEL (ALL USERS) or PAYPAL if vouched/if I've traded with you before.
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