[LONG]Sharing my hard noob way of soling CV experience with Kinesis

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  1. snowdustdj

    snowdustdj Premium Premium Member

    I was the one like most of you asking help for CV carries a lot in the past. And clearly, it's almost impossible to get the carry. I was also in a guild that runs CV every week but I've never successfully joint the party due to contribution, etc (it's viable but takes time).

    So I decided to make a BW/Kinesis to carry my main. I think they are equally good but in terms of CV, I prefer BW. Although I never soloed CV with my BW (dam it's got banned yesterday afternoon....), I believe it will be better than Kinesis.

    Range needed: For both, with 0 delay set up, you will need to get 93% pdr (just cubing your stuff, and get some gullux sets, which is not hard for hackers...). By hacking, you will soon reach level 210+ (be sure to do daily RA bosses since you need to beat them 10 times) and with the meso earned (reboot), it is really easy to improve your range to 800k+, which is enough for CV (of course you need pdr first. I reduced for range from 1.2m to 800k just for pdr...).

    Meso gear vs. cubing for range: I used to though I don't need any meso gear since my char is making money fast enough. But based on my experience, since anyway your will need 2~3 weeks before you can solo CV after making a new hacking account, I highly recommend making 100% meso gear. You don't need to spend much to get everything 6% epic on your 140 equip set. And after that, the range is enough to farm at most maps efficiently. And you will need to spend around 5b (I only used 2b, with luck and discounted cubes event) to get the 100% meso gear. After that, you will find trash maps giving you at least 120m/h, and good maps giving you around 300m/h. With that meso rate, 5 days overnight farming can give you the range needed for CV. I don't have any good experience about maps. I have asked people about maps but always, "NO, I can't tell you." So just buy a teleport rock and try out.

    How to solo CV: There are discusses how to freez CV or using mob discharm. None of them works for me. I don't want risking myself get auto-banned, either. Those legit players can solo CV in 15 mins. They do much more damage per line (capped dammage), but you have ND hacks.... Especially, with Kinesis, you always get critical damamge (you will also have decent sharp eye gloves to increase crit damage). I was hitting 20mil perline with ND (0ms). Just go watching the soloing CV videos on Youtube and practicing. The damage from CV is so easy to dodge after a few practices. With the range (I used for Kinesis), you will solo CV in around 14 mins. So the game is simple, like playing old videos games, just avoid getting hit. Since I ony have big spider and no other drop rate gear, I got 9 pieces in total. My main looted 5 pieces and Kinesis got 4 pieces. I believe there is 1 pieces for sharing.

    Thoughts about BW or Kinesis for CV: Kinesis is definitely viable for CV since I already did it. But I would imagine BW will be better. What I like is the flash jump from BW, which is far more better than Kinesis. Currently, the unlimited flash jump in Terminal for Kinesis is bugged. The unlimited flash jump for Kinesis makes your Kinesis moves a lot slower than not using the function. So I simple turned off the function while doing CV since you need to move faster for dodging. But on the other hand, BW has the best unlimited flash jump which makes you moves so fast. More important, when CV is taking a deep breath....I'm a noob telling which side CV is standing.... with BW's flash jump, you could go the the other end of the map within a second, which gives you more chance for surviving. At last, kinesis SI ND hyper is not truly full map, but BW's BE is. For a BW, you just throw a fire ball, and jump, and using orbits full map attach (Terminal has made this skill so powerful....). That's being said, you can attach CV without seeing it.... I never solo CV using a BW, those things are based on my experience of using BW. Correct me if I'm wrong. It will always be best if you can find a way to freeze CV and f**k it easily....

    Thoughts about botting:
    I am not a successful botter since I got my main banned yesterday (Saturday afternoon), together with my level 200 kanna (help me to get 500 mil/hour), and my Kinesis. All banned at the same time. I'm not going to tell you the right way to bot, but only the wrong way. Note: Based on my experience only, correct me if you have better thoughts.

    1. Never bot when GMs are working. We know GMs may work 24/7, but my experience is that, you have a better chance to survive when botting during late night (PST), like midnight to early morning. I never got banned during those times. But all my accounts got banned in the afternoon (PST) at maps I've never got banned during night.
    2. Don't be greedy. Everyone knows it but most of you won't follow it. For myself, the late stage of game is not increasing my range, but just making mesos... it's wired, right? I really enjoyed the feeling that after a nice sleep, I saw I made 5b.... And I just save them....I'm really sick.... Maybe it's just because after you've been hacking for a month, what you need is not meso, just some gears for cubing, like SW stuffs, or CV weapons.... (Don't try star forcing tyrant things (3 stars is achievable) until you have nothing to spent. You will broke up. ) So let's not be greedy. I just got excited so much by making those much mesos and I planned to save 50b (which may only take 10 nights for me) which will be enough for my main(most of gears has already been cubed so well, just need to get some new gears. So 50b will be plenty for me, even to get some stars on Tyrant stuff.) But you know, at late stage, you will do simple math all day.... On Saturday, I have nothing to do and calculated again and again. If I bot 24 hours, then 500 mil/h, I will get more than 10b... It's the first time I decided to bot on weekends. And I got caught. When you saw your maple crashed and a message "you have been disconnected from the server", then you were probability banned. If I stopped botting 2 hours ago, I will be totally fine. But just being greedy, I lost my accounts. Also, the EU merge has made reboot full of people all day, 24/7. There were just more people coming to my maps than before.
    3. Never stay in the same map for more than 3 days. You can switch back later, but don't be their all the time. The obvious reason is that those people will report you if they saw you a lot of times. Also, I don't know how GM is detecting hackers. If I works for Nexon, I would just build a really simple model to detect hackers based on mobs killing rate, leveling speed, etc. Hope Nexon don't have those kind of stuff.
    4. If you have time, you should leech a Kanna with your hacking account. You will realize that sharing mesos with your Kanna can almost gives you the same meso gain compared only botting with your BW/Kinesis. You will always find ways to maintain the level difference. You can kill you BW, or giving Kanna double exp.
    5. Never bot at wolf spider. People always talk about wolf spider and I'm really curious about it. The map will be good when you are low level and has no meso gear. But it's 100% ban. I got a BW banned just out of curiosity trying there.... And the banning time is around 6am PST (Friday). So the map is just 1 try 1 ban.....dam...
    6. You are almost surely to get banned some day at least once. Be prepared.... Unfortunately, those people who never got banned will never share their experience/maps. The chance of getting banned will increase when you reach 220+. There is someone tracking me like a shit.... (I just logged off for 2 days to avoid him). And there is a shit hacker stopping me when I was doing CRA run, and say in public : " I know what your were doing, and also main a XX, please carry me for XX". And whispered to me, "I will report you if you don't carry me". Can we have any honer among us hackers?

    At last, I'd like to thank this website, especially @Blaze for providing us such good tools to play a game in different ways. In my opinion, Maplestory will drain your life and make you a slave if you want to achieve yourself legally in the game. But Terminal gave me a hand to enjoy the game without harming my health and affecting my studies/works. I'm not saying Maplestory is a bad game (I played 10 years ago)but just as we are getting older, gaming is not our life anymore. And Terminal gave us a balance between gaming and life. I will buy a Terminal VIP definitely even if I can't get my account untanned..... Just for supporting Blaze and appreciating for the time Terminal has saved for me.

    Those experiences are my own experiences, which maybe useful for newbees to get their hands dirty :). You are really welcome to correct me, which will help our community. I'm just the first man sharing my 2 cents and you guys are the real treasure.

    **I'm not saying everyone should hack, but just do the things you think worth to do and at your own risk**
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  2. solid3400

    solid3400 The New Guy

    Thanks man, not many people take the time to write these kind of small tips. i found myself about most of this stuff by getting 3 BWs banned lol. But in the end i managed to get it working, Thanks for the tips tho there were some stuff i didnt consider
  3. WhatIsHacks

    WhatIsHacks Godly Hacker

    Very good guide, respect.
  4. sportsboy098

    sportsboy098 Premium Premium Member

    Trial and error. Good tips. Overall, well done. If someone were to follow this they'd probably go far. Gonna point out though on your suggestion to nexon to look at mob death rates and leveling speed/etc, that would never work. There are plenty of legit players who can clear entire maps in one shot. Take demon slayers 'demon cry' for example. With enough range, a small to medium sized map, and the right placement, they can clear maps in one go and there's no cooldown that I remember.
  5. jkl381

    jkl381 |♚ Quality Assured ♚| Premium Member

    with the new terminal vellum freeze feature, your wildest fantasies will the wurm will come troo!! :P
  6. snowdustdj

    snowdustdj Premium Premium Member

    Yeah, I just tested the freeze feature. CV is too easy!
  7. vexxations

    vexxations The New Guy

    which ND skill for kinesis did you use?
  8. RiceDude

    RiceDude R i c e Premium Member

    the only ND skill for kinesis is level 150 hyper
  9. vSharpies

    vSharpies Premium Premium Member

    "Never bot when GMs are working. We know GMs may work 24/7, but my experience is that, you have a better chance to survive when botting during late night (PST), like midnight to early morning. I never got banned during those times."

    I can vouch for this, and I had tested multiple times for different times. I'll say - I botted around 11pm EST -6am EST and I was not banned. Timing is everything on hot spot maps. Maps in general are hard to find when you are new or don't know how to get to that point of making 500mil a night. Currently I am at that beginner stage of making around 120-200 a night and learning by myself and through reading threads on how to achieve higher.
  10. Team4e

    Team4e The New Guy

    how you use it? I'm getting dc 5 sec after I use 142120030
  11. adamdaloser

    adamdaloser The New Guy

    sorry also an old player here coming back to play the game. is CV chaos vellum? is terminal the only option for freeze vellum hack? & what other options for farming can you do at lv 150 kinesis/BW?
  12. RiceDude

    RiceDude R i c e Premium Member

    Just tested it
    It's working fine, just increase your delay
    CV is chaos vellum. Freeze vellum helps a ton to stop it from
    Moving. I also use mob disarm just in case but I'm not sure if it does affect it even though i already have vel freeze on it. The only farming option in reboot is meso farming

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