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Discussion in 'ELSWORD Online' started by RandomTayto, Mar 11, 2018.

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  1. RandomTayto

    RandomTayto United States Lurker

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    I'm pretty sure it was the latest release of "Elsword hack - global verison" that I downloaded and upon putting it on my desktop, windows defender removed it saying it detected a trojan. I ignored it because why would I trust windows defender, I want to hack in some video games. I explicitly remember my explorer.exe crashing yesterday and rebooting, I thought it was odd but I thought hey it happens sometimes. Well today, my secondary anti-virus program had three different detections, all of them are linked to my explorer.exe. This is one too many coincidences for me. If it wasn't the elsword hack then it was the premium terminal one I downloaded, I doubt that though.
    I'm simply giving a heads up to anyone who cares, do with it what you will.

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  2. killergame

    killergame United States Lurker

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  3. joshua_godking

    joshua_godking Philippines Lurker

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    why its always error automaticaly close??

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