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    I am releasing my 2nd method since the last one got patched.
    2 chars are needed for this method.

    1. Trade the person you would like to steal items/mesos from, And quickly send do trade packet before he accept the trade. Don't put any items or mesos in the trade window yet.
    *its really important to send the trade packet before the other guy accept trade or it will won't work*

    2. Send a packet to trade your 2nd char, And now wait until the other player will put items/mesos in the trade window.
    You should get msg "You are already in a trade" or something like this, but it doesn't matter for the exploit.
    I suggest sending the packet 2-3 times, until you get the msg "The other char is busy at the moment". If you are getting this msg you are doing it right.

    3. After the 2nd guy put the items/mesos in trade window, put your items/mesos in the trade window, and then real quick, get your 2nd char to leave the map/DC/enter CS/Change channel.

    4. After stage 3 is done, The trade window will close and you will get the items you put in the trade window back in your inventory.
    At this point, the other guy will still see the trade window open with your items inside, even tho it was closed at your client.
    once he click trade, you will receive his items and mesos, and he will receive nothing.

    Multiple trade windows can be used to dupe items & mesos in maplesaga.
    figure it out how to do it by urself.

    The reason it works is that maplesaga, and possibly any v62 server, allowing multiple trades that shares the same thread.

    credits: me.

    have fun.
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    1. Send a trade to the guy i wanna steal, and quickly send do trade packet to who? Sorry I lost.
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    bruh, its written there for maplesaga, go test it at ur own private server before asking. Your asking people to risk their acc to get ban when u can create mule and test it.

    that ur problem

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