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Discussion in 'Global MapleStory' started by dontaskwho, Dec 30, 2016.

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  1. dontaskwho

    dontaskwho Lurker

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    Hey peeps, anyone have a bypass for MapleStory SEA here?
    Seems like the GK Bypass only works for GMS.

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  2. DBLmao

    DBLmao Renown Hacker

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    "Seems"? it is meant for GMS only, but who knows , it might work for MSEA if the self updated MSCRC bypass AoB works in MSEA, and IF MSEA uses NGS V2.12.28, now MSEA using NGS V2.12.24

    But sadly, that isn't enough for MSEA, as there is XignCode for MSEA too, which GK bypass isn't built to bypass it since GMS doesn't have it

    So to answer your question, there is no public bypass for MSEA, if u are hardworking and wants to learn abt hacking, do abit of research, u can get a temporary XignCode bypass. Do note is not easy to learn hacking, don't expect to get spoonfeed
  3. kahjuintnt

    kahjuintnt Malaysia Informed Hacker

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    I remembered i had sucessfully bypassed the XignCode, but i get dced and i'm back to the login screen excactly every 30second. I'm getting annoyed so much that i permanently deleted the bypass,which i regretted.
    I've also realized that the security there is a lot more stronger than GMS, for example while u are training in a map,there will be recaptcha randomly appear ,u will also need to fill up recaptcha when u login. But yet there are many BW botters with FMA, godmode (all using the same hack). I'm also interested in hacking, i'm learning how to sniff packet with wireshark.

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