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Discussion in 'Windia' started by MianiAisha, May 18, 2018 at 11:56 AM.

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    I don't play this game as often anymore and when I do, I don't really do anything on it. None of my characters are LV.200+ because I am lazy so I am not looking for an insane amount of money or anything. I'm not attached to this account at all.

    F = Female
    M = Male

    Listing characters:
    Arch Mage (Ice/Lightning) LV. 177 (F)
    Bowmaster LV. 134 (F)
    Buccaneer LV. 144 (F)
    Hero LV. 124 (F)
    Night Lord LV. 110 (F)
    Beast Tamer LV. 132 (F)
    Xenon LV. 67 (F)
    Kineses LV. 57 (M)

    Character(s) on Reboot:
    Beast Tamer LV. 124 (M)

    Character(s) on Bera:
    Jett LV. 37 (M)

    I have other characters on different worlds but the ones I listed all have cash items.

    I'm honestly really lazy to show you what items I have. It's a really old account but I doubt that I have anything old on it. Looking for $200 or you can offer. I dunno how much mesos each of them have and I don't want to check.

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