Maplestory really is for babies

Discussion in 'Chit-Chat & Community Discussion' started by MrGrin, Nov 19, 2016.

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  1. MrGrin

    MrGrin Canada Game Killer

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    I don't play anymore but just randomly checking out this new update they're coming out with I've noticed that they're reducing the total EXP it takes to get to level 200 by 30%. Nexon have literally trashed this game so much, is there any redemption?


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  2. Epic

    Epic United States 回到過去

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    I went back a year ago or so to see what all the fuss was about with Zero. I quit right after BB came out so I was surprised how much the damage I was doing unfunded and how easy it was to level up.

    Got from 100-200 in 3 days of semi casual grinding and 200-211 in another week. Was genuinely having fun with the game/with the job's flashy skills but ended up dumping about $600 into gear and had a high enough damage that I out DPS'd most other players I was grinding with but couldn't solo the harder bosses.

    Started up another character soon after, grinded that to 200 in 4 days then sold all my stuff(lost about $50 but not salty at all. could've ended up much worse) and quit the game.

    I can't imagine them making the game easier than it already is. Game is so damage centric now that it completely fucked over what made MS fun for me pre-bb. There's no need for entire clans to go out and spend half an hour going at zak/czak/ht/cht anymore and bossing runs are now mostly done solo/at most duo which takes the fun out of the game. NX used to be mainly for cosmetics, but now, you can dump over $300 and only get a small increase in stats, etc.
  3. Size

    Size United States ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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    I also gave up on maple that game got depressing. Even when i go back to see whats new my interest for it just is not their anymore so i play less than 15 - 30 mins then get off. :confused:
  4. Kiwi

    Kiwi United States

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    I havent played in years, and havent even checked up on it. I'm surprised its still alive honestly.
  5. l1bertine

    l1bertine Singapore Lurker

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    Idk, it's specifically adjusted so that more people can get to fifth job. There's still a lot of active players who're sub-200 (probably henehoes)
  6. Unlimited

    Unlimited Canada Game Killer

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    Stopped playing it just after big bang. Hopped on some low version private servers but haven't played GMS in years, and private servers for like a yearish
  7. luryiamon

    luryiamon Lurker

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    I love maplestory server reborn ... sorry
  8. ngoluan3591

    ngoluan3591 Lurker

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    i love maplestory , but now i hv no time for farm .... :(
  9. alalal312

    alalal312 Israel Veteran Hacker

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    Maplestory is a good choice when you want to play a casual game that doesn't requires alot of work (unless you're playing reboot)

    Also i really enjoy it, those are my reasons for playing
  10. WhatIsHacks

    WhatIsHacks Canada Godly Hacker

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    the majority of the community is older.

    Think of it from a business standpoint

    babies have all day to play

    mid teens and adults (the majority of the community) has less time to play. Why not make it easier so more people play

    I've heard many times "I dont have time to grind so i dont play"
  11. chunkyboi

    chunkyboi United States Informed Hacker

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    yea i get it i kinda missed the 2005 maplestory so much more fun
  12. demonnator

    demonnator The New Guy

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    Doesn't really affect anything past 200 though
  13. [TGKC] SeanWithACapitalS

    [TGKC] SeanWithACapitalS Canada Ayy lmao

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    I think i stopped at chaos or so, i just remember the pink bean boss was just starting to be killed (back when you needed a full raid group of like 20-30 people to do it).

    Picked it back up a year ago, got to 170 and quit because its so damage focused now and bossing isnt fun when everyone just wants to solo it, hate how they killed teamplay in it.

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