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    Hey everyone, I've been writing a simple bot to farm with using C++ for a MapleStory v83 Private Server. I was originally using mouse clicks to click npcs, however it became unreliable and started causing D/C issues and sometimes wouldn't register the mouse click. I found a Packet Editor for v83 and after playing around with it found it was the best way to function with NPCs.

    I'm now in the process of adding packet sending into my bot. I found a good guide online about packet editing and sending for MapleStory however I'm new to finding addresses for things and I'm having troubles finding the addresses for SendAddress and ClientSocketAddress which seem to be the two things holding me back right now. Other than those two everyone seems to be working great!

    I don't want someone to just tell me the v83 addresses, I would love for someone to either show me how to get them myself or guide me in the right direction! I'm not new to programming, however I do mostly Web development so I'm learning c++ as I go :)

    Thanks in advance for any help or pointers
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