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  1. Airan

    Airan Canada The New Guy

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    My brother uses the competitor trainer, but he no longer uses one of his machines so I have started to bot.

    I know a few spots cause of him so he will be helping me with spots.

    I chose terminal cause I can run unlimited client on my machine

    specs: 16cores, 32 thread || 64gb of ram

    Day 1:
    read a lot of tutorials

    Day 2:
    Starting up a kanna and tested it; going to add more tomorrow

    day 3-xx (up to dec 16):
    I was busy; didnt setup anything except a blaster. learned the script doesnt even work... great.
    dec 16-20
    Been trying to setup but constant crashes. Posted in support section and no solution as of yet. Thinking of going back to competitor site.
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  2. Saihko4

    Saihko4 United States Premium Premium

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    thanks for writing this excited to see result let me know if you need help
  3. Airan

    Airan Canada The New Guy

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    Will do :) thanks.

    Once I get a hang of the UI+program and make my settings, I should be botting and running a huge amount in no time

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