[METHOD] Make $9.21 INSTANTLY within minutes!

Discussion in 'Legit Money Making' started by nathanjo, Oct 25, 2015.

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  1. nathanjo

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    This method literally takes a few minutes, maybe less to do, in exchange you'll get $9.21! This works for everyone!
    Enjoy this method!

    First of all, you must keep in mind that if you don't follow this link you won't recieve the money.
    This method works with referrals, if you follow my link you'll recieve the money, if not, you'll fail the method.
    You go to this link >>
    Register your account, verify your email and phone number
    You will get $9.21!
    Simple and easy task.

    Earning $9.21 Bonus

    Reedeming the money through bank wire
    They deducted 15€ for the transaction fees.

    For every person you refer you will get $9.21 or more. In order for you to get the $9.21 bonus right now, you MUST sign up with my link or it won't work, you will only get the bonus money if you sign up on my link. I will get $9.21 and you will also get $9.21, We both win!

    Enjoy! :awe:
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  2. Unlimited

    Unlimited Canada Game Killer

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    you're a fucking cuck
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  3. Midnlght

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    there everywhere o_O
  4. kush239

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    omg i made ez 9.21 dollars thank you so much for this
  5. miku2302

    miku2302 Lurker

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    so i have to have at least 2 phone number or get 1 refer to get interest?
  6. janniscui3

    janniscui3 Germany The New Guy

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    you do know there is a forum for this kind of stuff right?

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