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    Well it's been 1 year since I'm here in the Gamekiller community, in which there are great Scripters, programmers, etc., very cool trying to help those who do not know much about the subject, in my experience in this forum and the Terminal has been super fantastic because only $ 20 you can produce a lot more if you propose, regardless of hacking the game and everything else, on the one hand makes the game a little more fun doing everything in automatic Hahaha.

    Thank you very much to everyone who lives in the forum and for their help, thanks to it, many of us including myself have been able to have something of profit to pay something in real life or something we want to obtain, especially in my case in which because Venezuela is a country with a rather large economic instability.

    Speaking about the Terminal in general, it has very good hacks included, a lot more than the Free Trainer, but also thanks to the people who have programmed several for people who do not have money to pay for the Terminal, very grateful, in a while If I use the Free Trainner as a month until I see how good the Terminal was, it helped me a lot to organize my Legion, and be stronger in the game, and have a totally different experience than what we live every day, I hope to put myself to study a bit about the Scripts and be able to help the community in their needs :)

    Thanks to the Terminal, I have achieved many things in real life that I always dreamed of having as a great PC Gamer, a new iPhone 8 Plus and also paid my last year in the university to be an engineer something of 6 months, and I plan to travel to another countries if It is possible! :)

    For those people who want to get some profit in their daily lives, to have a different game experience, I highly recommend that you buy the terminal. YOU NEVER REPENT OR SAY THAT IT WAS A BAD MONEY WASTED!

    A special thank you to @Blaze who made all this possible, @Qybah, @leroy.jenkins93 for helping me when I needed them the most when I had many doubts, likewise, thank you very much to all those who publish their Script to help the whole community in general.


    Sorry if my English is so bad :(
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