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  1. n131

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    Alright guys, i've had Terminal Trainer for almost 3? months now. It took me about a month (because i'm slow) to get going. I have made a bit of money off it, and tbh i think it's time to record my earnings.

    This is strictly for those trying to make a profit off Terminal and will be updated as i make more USD.


    I've made a total of 217.34. Most of which i made in the second month of terminal before i slowed down. I could have made a HUGE amount more of profit but atm im being slow.

    However even so this is a 157.34 Profit so far from Terminal.

    If you are ready to make money from this trainer, or use it for personal use. Get it. Once you figure out how to use this trainer to it's full potential you will not regret it.

    Updates To Money Made

    March 23rd[​IMG]

    No Pic Update :
    My total earnings for terminal at this time are $650+ thats in 4 months :D
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  2. Chris1212

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  3. n131

    n131 Netherlands Prominent Hacker

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    I havent updated this but im at $573.08 in total earnings. Minus 3 months of GK.
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    Update : Now at around $650 off of terminal in 4 months.

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