[Selling] [NA] Elsword/Raven Ibs, ED $14/1Bil

Discussion in 'ELSWORD Online Market' started by GoldenPlasma, Feb 17, 2018.

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  1. GoldenPlasma

    GoldenPlasma The New Guy

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    Real the rules first:
    1) The Buyer Seals.
    2) Only accept PayPal payment (on to Family and Friend).
    3) Paying for Virtual Goods, no Refund.
    4) Customer must pay first before trading.
    5) There are two images show all the items for selling.
    6) Contact me on Discord, my Discord:
    sup#3815 and i will reply as soon as possible.

    Elsword's Ibs:
    1) Glacial 5/5
    2) Salvatore Solace 5/5
    3) Velder Imperial Guard Sword
    4) Gold Falcon 2/4

    Raven's Ibs:
    1) El Search Party Officer (Ver. Dark) 10/10
    2) Archpriest - Leader of Light 10/10
    3) Heavenly Diamond Yaksha 5/5
    4) Miracle Alchemist (w/o Bottom Piece) 4/5
    5) Salvatore Denif (w/o Wings of the Water Dragon) 2/3
    6) Salvatore Gaia (w/o Illusion Crest) 3/4
    7) Evil Tracer - Spriggan (w/o Hair and Bottom Piece) 3/5
    8) Gold Falcon Bottom Piece

    Extra list:
    1) ED $14/1Bil
    2) El Search Party Officer's Ceremonial Sword
    3) El Search Party Officer's Ceremonial Sword (Ver. Dark)
    4) Nasod Arithmetic Unit

    Elsword's Items.png Raven's Items.png
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  2. supermew1000

    supermew1000 United States The New Guy

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    GoldenPlasma, is a legitimate seller for me being his first "1st customer" he was able to show patience and trust, (i.e letting the player see the Amulet first, before selling. I mean, you can't trust people nowadays. Purchased was secure and fast by PayPal. No arguments, very chill person to be with. Would definitely buy from this seller again.
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  3. NoOne

    NoOne United States The New Guy

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    Legitimate seller, at first i was a bit worried that i might get scammed, but he was very patient, responsive, and understanding. I recommend buying from him, as i plan on buying more from him in the near future :) The sale went quite smoothly despite me delaying the trade for a few days, like i said a very patient guy and he can be trusted!
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  4. GoldenPlasma

    GoldenPlasma The New Guy

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  5. Sazari

    Sazari Australia Lurker

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    Excellent seller, very kind and helpful.
    I recommend buying from him.

    Very flexible in terms of pricing. Truly one of the best seller I've seen since 2000

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