GMS v.180.1 nDev_GMS_Trainer v4.0(MapRush-Kami-UserScript)

Discussion in 'Global MapleStory Hacks & Releases' started by ngnam87, Sep 4, 2016.

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  1. waddup

    waddup Premium Premium Member

    Hayato has no fma skills

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  2. magikz

    magikz Informed Hacker

    After you have loaded your item filter with the list of items, click on File>Pre-Hack>Save.
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  3. awji

    awji The New Guy

    Am i going to get banned if I use multi client?
    --- Double Post Merged, Jan 11, 2017, Original Post Date: Jan 11, 2017 ---
    and for some reason, when i try to kill zakum with blaze wizard using fma for orbital or extinction, i don't do any damage to zakum. Can anyone help
  4. XiaofengZHOU

    XiaofengZHOU Lurker

  5. stevennn

    stevennn Lurker

    I tried adding kami loot into my auto bot script but I'm not getting it to work, it works when I tick the box, but I want to have it toggled as part of my botting routine.
    how do I add kami loot into my auto bot script? is it a toggleable or enableable function? Thanks in advance
  6. rafacolombo

    rafacolombo The New Guy

    NGS hackind detectd, just here?
  7. jmomo

    jmomo Lurker

    Any advice on how to get simple kami to not d/c? I've tried restarting already. This is for a demon avenger
  8. k86e02n

    k86e02n Lurker

    I'm seek for the script let your character fly high and out of the mini map,just like kami loot but wont teleport to items.
    can someone gonna help TKS!!
  9. ngnam87

    ngnam87 Godly Hacker

    check out GuideLine
  10. DoubleKup

    DoubleKup The New Guy

    When you get banned, is it IP or Account?
  11. awji

    awji The New Guy

    Is there any way to use skills that require pp for kinesis without using the skills that get me pp? like is there any way to spam ultimate skills for kinesis?
  12. YoungWey

    YoungWey Premium Premium Member

    I dont know how to make the auto atack work...
    I tick it but dont work (yea i put my atack skill no ctrl)
  13. darlinggxx

    darlinggxx Lurker

    I've just been 2 week banned after using this for 3 days. Apparently they have 'video footage' of me mob vaccing which they are unable to disclose. Is this due to a player recording or GM sighting? I play at late PST times like 10pm onwards..
  14. awji

    awji The New Guy

    is there any way to even increase more damage of orbital flame? I clicked on the increase_orbital_flame_attack.txt but I was just wondering if there's any way to increase even more
  15. Lion167

    Lion167 Informed Hacker

    Can someone link me a Script to make this skill " 400051008 - Big Huge Gigantic Rocket " Full Map Attack please?
    Every time i use Generic (All Skill) i dc because i accidentally use my Flash Jump which attacks mobs and causes me to dc because it's not FMA compatible. I know it's not a big deal but i always have to disable GenericFMA and it's a hassle when soloing ChuChu PQ. ( This is Cannoneer 5th Job Skill)
  16. Crucifiex14

    Crucifiex14 Lurker

    Hey so I followed the directions precisely and I believe the Mobvac is making ms crash (completely closing out game) This is the script I'm running


    I turned down the graphics all the way and put it to minimal resolution. I tried with and without Full CPU mode but nothing seems to let it go for more than 1 minute. Any suggestions?
  17. JohnDingaaaa

    JohnDingaaaa The New Guy

    I believe u need to have unlimited attack on as well
  18. Kevin Chung

    Kevin Chung Lurker

    Is it possible to item vac hack without a pet?
  19. Fayette Werner

    Fayette Werner Lurker

    So i have noticed many maps do not work with mob vac. some work with mob hack but not with godmode or full guard mode. from what i can tell so far the maps i have found are as follows with settings.

    - 50ish to 70/80 - Skeledogs
    -mob vac enabled
    -perfect stance enabled (only one that works)
    -1 key spam script enabled
    -auto pot

    -mob vac enabled
    -NO hit reduction (god mode etc...) works here
    -1 key spam script
    -auto pot

    - 170-190/200
    -mob vac enabled
    -god mode enabled
    -1 key spam script enabled
    -auto pot

    working on areas for 120-170 atm will get back when i have results.
  20. ngnam87

    ngnam87 Godly Hacker

    Updated to v3.7
    - v3.7
    + Add No dc popup (thanks to @kevintjuh93 and @CJ. )
    + Try to fix blank maple process on some machine
    + Hint update for some hack
    + Remove item vac from Orbital Flame FMA, because Orbital Flame FMA can use item VAC or petloot to bypass client damage check
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