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    So basically don't ask questions. I just need this and my english isn't really good enough to fix my grammar mistakes. I can't even find them. I would be glad if someone can go through this and just fix everything. I don't care if you change anything add anything i just need this finished somehow. You don't even know how glad I would be if someone could help me with this.

    Paul Jackson was born on 13th march 1996 in Europe/France, baptized for Catholic. He never really believed in god but he had faith that there is heaven and hell and that maybe there is no blackness after death. As a child Paul was really smart and he was good in school, one of the best in his class. His father Felix died when he was 14. After fathers death in car accident, Pauls mental health and grades in school started decreasing rapidly. This was turning point in his life. He started robbing small stores for money, stole some cars, smoke weed and sell it and did minor crimes by comparison to what has followed later. When he was 15 mafia noticed his talent and accepted him as a recruit for minor jobs that he had to do for them. He was big, strong, focused, just what they needed. His lifestyle got better after some time and he was practically living in his dreams. Mafia payed him well. His position in mafia was getting better and better. When he was 17, he got a promotion and his own region which was owned by this same mafia he was working with. He was ordered to manage the region. He managed the region well, earned a lot of money for mafia and kept people quiet. He wasn't in that alone. Mafia gave him some people to work with. As you may already imagine, he had to do a lot of dirty jobs while working with the mafia. He was killing people if they did something against them, killed their familys, stole their propertys. It was all going well and he was happy with his life but what goes around comes around. In his mid 19s his mother was killed as a revenge for what he did to one of the citizens. He found her at home, hanging from the ceiling and a message around her neck: "It had to be done. You are a monster. I hope you feel my pain now.". This filled him with rage and anger. He really loved his mother. She was all he had after fathers death. Soon after his mothers death he found the guy and tortured him to death. He continued doing his job for a while but he was never the same anymore. Mothers death made him think. He started blaming mafia for everything so he wanted to end this life he was living in. He didn't wanted to kill himself but he also knew there is no exit when you once enter in life like this. he decided to escape and start a new life in San Andreas. His plan was to rob a bank without a permission of the main mafia mobster with 3 of his friends. Bank was located in one of the regions mafia owned so doing that was basically attack on mafia itself. Robbery was a success for then 20 year old Paul but saddly not for his 3 friends. 1 got captured and the other 2 got killed during the robbery. He escaped and is now living in San Andreas. Young 21 years old Paul decided to live a normal life from now on. He will defend himself, stand for himself if he will have to but he won't get in troubles anymore. He left this life behind him.

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