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Discussion in 'Global MapleStory' started by xERONITE, Jan 10, 2017.

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    xERONITE Lurker

    So I recently got into Maple hacking.

    I know how to load the EC scripts and run the bypass with no issues. My first question is

    I have a DA with 1M range, I was wondering which godmode script I should use for bosses? I just want to go in and not worry about mechanics and just blow em up to waste as little time as possible.

    2nd question: There is no way to modify HP in game is there through the script?

    Thanks for your time

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  2. vSharpies

    vSharpies Premium Premium Member

    You probably mean CE. Anyways - follow the instructions for bypass. Make sure to download all required, put in the correct folder, delete the BC log file, and other fixes Blaze has. A GK logo should pop up bottom right when loading the game in your appdata folder.

    Don't use godmode, it usually D.C's or bans quickly. Use mob disarm and auto mp/hp. Guard mode could help as well, it never dcs me nor have I been banned for it. You can also look up scripts for certain bosses (that have these special bossing mode scripts for certain bosses, but you will have to dig them out from threads).

    And no way to modify/hack HP in the game from what I know.

    xERONITE Lurker

    Ahh ok would make CRA super easy then im guessing

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