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  1. Profile System

  2. Local script loading

  3. Just support more scripts

  1. md35

    md35 Godly Hacker Coder

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    Nexon'd Trainer [BETA] -- A Universal MapleStory Trainer


    Keep this thread for GMS discussions only.

    Read everything before attempting to download. I will not respond to any questions regarding the set-up process.

    This trainer is currently GitHub based -- it retrieves scripts and loads them into the trainer from a defined GitHub repository. Therefore, the trainer does not need to be updated on a per-patch basis (but the scripts do!).

    Because of this, Nexon'd Trainer is a trainer framework. As long as you have scripts for your region/version and is supported by this trainer, you'll have a trainer at your hands.
    Note: By default, the trainer uses my script bank repository on GitHub. You can always use your own, or submit pull requests to change scripts . Message me if you would like to be added as a contributor to the repository.

    This trainer is currently in BETA and constructive feedback is appreciated.
    Any issues with the scripts themselves should not be reported to me (unless it is on the default GitHub repo).

    Something going wrong with using the trainer? Check the log file.
    If you still need help, post a reply with detailed information of what's wrong and attach your log file if it's a problem related to the trainer or scripts.

    Current features:
    - Trainer framework with support for over 80 different scripts
    - Selective script retrieval (to reduce loading time)

    - Profile system
    - ID Search tool
    - Local script file loading
    1 - Have a working NGS bypass
    2 - Download Nexon'd Trainer from the Download spoiler (zip pass: md35). You can read the README's provided for more installation instructions.
    3 - Disable your anti-virus
    4 - Extract the folder "Nexon'd Trainer" anywhere and add the entire folder "Nexon'd Trainer" as an exception
    5 - Open Load.ini and adjust as preferred (read the instructions there carefully -- adding a '#' will exclude the script)
    6 - FIRST MAPLESTORY PROCESS: Open MapleStory first and let your NGS bypass run.
    7 - Open Nexon'd Trainer.exe with administrative rights
    (If this is your first time, you will need to go through a set-up phase. Follow all instructions given by the trainer and adjust the settings to your preference [see guide image below])
    8 - Click Select Process on the top right and attach to a MapleStory process
    9 - Enable MSCRC Bypass [You must enable MSCRC Bypass unless your NGS Bypass already bypasses the MSCRC!]
    To reduce the re-distribution of Nexon'd Trainer to unofficial sources, you must enter the web address you downloaded this trainer from.

    For here, it is ""
    Hidden Content:
    **Hidden Content: You must click 'Like' before you can see the hidden data contained here.**
    This is no longer needed for v0.6+
    This is not the password for the zip file.
    Hidden Content:
    **Hidden Content: You must click 'Like' before you can see the hidden data contained here.**
    Copy the above Authentication Key, or go to the #auth_key channel in our Discord (see Download spoiler)

    Any/all anti-virus detection is a false positive. This is a Cheat Engine hacktool.

    Latest repo available: GMS/195.2
    Hidden Content:
    **Hidden Content: You must click 'Like' before you can see the hidden data contained here.**
    Extraction errors? Disable anti-virus and use the latest version of WinRAR to extract.
    v0.6: (May 20, 2018)
    - temporarily disabled Authentication Key stage
    - temporarily disabled "Use Lower Memory" setting; added an option to manually clean memory (File > Clean Memory)
    - changed detection of various dependency files to circumvent some issues users are facing when trying to use the trainer
    - changed Trainer Log to output internally instead of externally. Users still have the option of exporting the file if needed.
    - added support for non-MapleStory.exe process names
    - added GitHub Branch setting (required -- default is "master")
    - added support for Auto Terminate, Air Loot, Auto Inner Ability, Auto Offline, Pet Feed, Fast Pet Loot, Hyper Rock CRC Bypass, Logo+Video Skip, Monkey Spirits with Shikigami Haunting, No Catch Breath, Show/Hide NPCs, Constant Blazing Extinction Attack, Freeze Blazing Extinction, Instant Spawn Blazing Extinction, No Delay Blazing Extinction, Unlimited Blazing Extinction
    - added custom Pointers (BETA)
    - enabling Tubi will automatically enable No Loot Animation and Instant Drop

    v0.5r2: (April 13, 2018)
    - fixed an issue in conjunction with the 3rd change from the v0.5r1 update that persisted

    v0.5r1: (April 12, 2018)
    - users can now detach from the current process and attach to another process without the need to restart the trainer
    - fixed an issue with Auto Key for scripts with a delay and key value
    - fixed an issue that prevented some users from starting up the trainer (Log file generation is disabled for these users)
    - minor changes to help hints

    v0.5: (April 7, 2018)
    - renamed "Game version" setting to "GitHub Folder" as it was clearly confusing people
    - fixed "Access Violation" error when attaching
    - removed "Walk Right" Mob Control option
    - added "Disable All" option in File > Disable All
    - added "Trainer Thread" redirection in File > Trainer Thread
    - Donations are now being accepted :)
    - added information that Nexon'd Trainer is a free trainer and updated the Terms of Use
    - added Authentication Key requirement
    - fixed missing Disable Pet Return, No Fade Stages in Load.ini
    - added support for Auto Key, Item Filter, Summoned Skills Kami, No DC Popup

    v0.4: (March 26, 2018)
    - fixed missing Auto Aggro, Enable Disabled Buttons
    - added support for Hide Most Skill Animation, No Loot Animation
    - added 'new version' detection (so users double check their settings)
    - scripts that fail to load and/or are not working will no longer be available to enable
    - fixed "About" section cut-off

    v0.3: (March 24, 2018)
    - allow users to change Main GitHub URL and Game version settings
    - added opt-in setting to Auto Enable MSCRC Bypass on attach
    - added support for Auto Aggro, Auto Attack, Auto Familiar, Auto HP-MP, Auto Pet Feed, Boss Godmode, Dragon Breath Fusion Attack, Enable Disabled Buttons, Force Summon to Attack, Full Map Attack, Hide Nametags, Hide Player Damage, Infinite Blaster Bullets, Infinite Familiar, Instant Final Psychic Smash, Instant Final Smash, Item Filter (coming soon), Jr. Boogie Unlimited MP, Mach No Delay, Mob Freeze, Monkey Spirits No Delay, No Background, No Blazing Extinction Effect, No Blue Boxes, No Delay Arrow Platter, No Delay Flash Jump, No Delay Ingame Direction Event, No Fade Stages, No Mob Reaction, No Mob Spawn-Death Animation, No Platform, Perfect Stance, Slide and Attack, Unlimited Arrow Platter, Zoom
    - added selective script loading through new Load.ini file (for lower trainer start-up time)
    - added Debug option (developer use) and Donators list to "About" page
    - other minor changes

    v0.2: (March 15, 2018)
    - fixed incorrect game version url
    - added support for No Combo Animation, No Skill Sound, No Cooldown

    v0.1: (March 15, 2018)
    - Initial BETA release

    Q: Can you add this hack? And this one...?
    A: Give me the updated script. If you don't have it, then no.

    Q: What does this hack do? And this one...?
    A: Hover over the checkbox for hints. Sometimes hovering over text, input fields, or
    dropdown fields will contain hints as well.

    Q: How come some stuff are grayed? I can't enable them?!
    A: If scripts are missing from the GitHub repository, or is labeled as "not working",
    they will not be loaded (for your safety!).

    Q: I want to use my own GitHub repository, but some scripts I have aren't being loaded in?
    A: This could be either one of two things.
    1) The script names in the repository do not match what the trainer looks for. Refer to
    the official GitHub repository the trainer actually uses.
    2) You incorrectly entered the Main GitHub URL and GitHub Folder settings. Check again.

    Q: I have a script that I want to have the trainer support. Where can I add it?
    A: Feel free to send it to me via private message, or submit a pull request in the official GitHub
    repository under the correct game version!

    Q: I see that this is labeled as "universal". How so?
    A: If you have the scripts from ANY MapleStory region and/or game version, this trainer may be
    compatible with them! This is a trainer framework, meaning you can use Nexon'd Trainer with
    any region/version of Maple!

    Q: I got banned. Why?! I blame you!
    A: The creator of Nexon'd Trainer claims no responsibility for the actions made by the end user
    using Nexon'd Trainer. Bans may be caused by a wide variety of factors, but the trainer tries
    to do its best to minimize the chances of such. As always, you risk being banned by violating
    any game's terms of service.
    Last edited: May 20, 2018 at 3:51 PM

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  2. Blaze

    Blaze China Homeless Admin

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  3. Smashingtonn

    Smashingtonn New Zealand Lurker

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    I'm getting that the rar is damaged, or unformatted
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  4. Saihko4

    Saihko4 United States Premium Premium

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    your anti virus damaged it when extracting. Add to exclusion or disable anti virus then extract.
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  5. salas011

    salas011 Peru Lurker

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    where i can download?
  6. Smashingtonn

    Smashingtonn New Zealand Lurker

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    Turned it off redownload, still happening.
  7. Watermane

    Watermane United States Lurker

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    can't extract trainer it says its the wrong password.
  8. gerf

    gerf United States Veteran Hacker

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    Unable to extract, no virus scanner active

    ! C:\temp\NexondTrainerv0.5BETA.rar: Unsupported archive format. Please update WinRAR to a newer version.
    ! C:\temp\NexondTrainerv0.5BETA.rar: The archive is either in unknown format or damaged
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  9. md35

    md35 Godly Hacker Coder

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    Use the latest version of winrar
  10. Saihko4

    Saihko4 United States Premium Premium

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    md35 i suggest zip so evryone can extract without problems and without downloading winrar. it would be easier for everyone.
  11. md35

    md35 Godly Hacker Coder

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    Good call. I've added a .zip download
  12. Smashingtonn

    Smashingtonn New Zealand Lurker

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    Updating my WinRaR did the trick. Now I've got everything set up other than all of the check toggles are grayed out
    Solved I probably should read the instructions first. just needed to update to match the GMS 194.1 repo directory
    Last edited: Apr 7, 2018
  13. KeegtheGG

    KeegtheGG United States Lurker

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    it says the password is incorrect ive copy and pasted and typed it in
  14. iamactuallyalegend

    iamactuallyalegend Australia Lurker

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    everything is greyed out even after i attach to maple
  15. Guavas

    Guavas United States The New Guy

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    Just wanted to say that this phenomenal, thank you!
  16. Doron939

    Doron939 United States The New Guy

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    Any help in actually launching the .exe would be sweet i launch it as admin and i see it and another process of the same name appear then one by one the terminate and nothing happens at all.
  17. OMarko

    OMarko Israel Lurker

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    link is broken
  18. stephen52

    stephen52 Australia Premium Premium

    Post Count:
    THANKS~ great working well
    Last edited: Apr 8, 2018
  19. Chef_BoyarD

    Chef_BoyarD United States The New Guy

    Post Count:
    i get a message saying this app cant run on by pc
  20. md35

    md35 Godly Hacker Coder

    Post Count:
    Maybe your anti-virus?
    Try restarting your PC. Make sure you fully extracted the folder and run as admin
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