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    Hello my little chiggas.
    If you didn't know, on discord my name is Retard, and yes, I am indeed retarded af boi.

    Ok so, basically how I started hacking with terminal and profiting, I got my first month for free, because a friend of mine gifted it to me for helping her with something.
    I didn't do shit for the first 2 weeks, then started making kannas and selling them, with great success.
    With the kanna money re-bought terminal for the current month.
    At the moment I'm standing on $125 in my paypal account only from terminal! (after paying for a premium)
    Unfortunately the pianus glitch is not patched so making kannas is a lot harder and a lot more time consuming.

    Now I'm doing different shit such as selling mesos to make more money.
    I had a great time with terminal, probably gonna use it till I get bored of maplestory...
    Love the community aswell <3
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    That's what I'm talking about boi. #TeamTerminal
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