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    Sawp, it's meh again and i threw some useful stuff together to help you with some photoshop stuff or just making your own signature. In the .zip are:

    -36 Anime Renders
    -50 Backgrounds (widescreen, just cut them how you like)
    -3 Font packs which contain:
    -Pack one: 802 Fonts
    -Pack two: 1338 Fonts
    -Pack three: 179 Fonts
    -40 stock textures
    -1 Read me, of course ;D

    So do whatever you like with it, just pls don't distribute it, since some of provided material belongs to me, means i created some of it. Oh and for y'all crackers, Photoshop CS 2 is free at Yeah its kinda old but just saying...


    If you like this post for some weird reason, don't say it, click it! Have a nice day,

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  2. Jordan

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    Nice to see that you're providing for the community, cool shit man

    Tons and tons of fonts, like god damn. So many.

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