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    By viewing or posting any threads/posts in this section, you acknowledge that you agree to and will abide by the following set of terms and rules that are listed below:​

    •GameKiller.net (the Site, its Owner, Administrators, Super Moderators, Moderators, Coders, and Section Moderators), its members, and people with any other affiliation are not to be held responsible for any damages that are derived from the use of any content (as in tutorials, links, and any other possible forms of content) that is found within this section.

    •Do not troll or flame (post solely to attack a person, to 'put down' their contribution, or to cause drama); post with intelligent comments that are at least somewhat related to what the thread that you are posting in is about. You will only receive two warnings for breaking this rule, and on your third offense you will be banned from this section permanently; there is no need for negative comments unless it is related to an adverse effect of content found within a thread or post and is meant as a warning to others.

    •Do not link to or upload any illegal material, and do not violate any copyright laws. By posting anything, you are also confirming that you have a proper license to use, alter, modify, edit, or etc. the content(s) that you share or are the owner of the content. You are responsible for your own individual actions.

    •Do not rip (claim other people's content/creations as your own) in this section. You will only have one warning for this and your thread will be deleted immediately; on your second offense you will get a permanent ban from this section. Also, label your titles using the following three tags:

    [Discussion]Thread Name
    -This is the label that is to be used for any public conversations or discussions that are related to the iTouch.

    [Question]Thread Name
    -This is the label that you will have to use for any questions that you have for the community.

    [Service]Thread Name
    -This is the label that will be used if you have anything to offer to the other members of GameKiller.

    [Trade]Thread Name
    -This is the label you will use if you plan on selling something related to the iTouch.

    [Share]Thread Name
    -This is for either sharing something that you discovered from a source other than yourself, or something you created yourself. If it's not 100% of your own creation, provide the name of or a link to the source/creator(s) within your thread.

    [Guide]Thread Name
    -This is for a guide that you made yourself; label with honesty please, don't credit yourself with other people's hard work!

    Thread Name

    -This is the label that is to be used for a thread with only lists or information.

    •It is alright to link to files off of GameKiller, but DO NOT (under any circumstances) upload any files to GameKiller that you do not legally own all the rights to. If you do, the content in question will be removed immediately and you will be infracted.

    •You must agree before you are allowed to post in this section; if you do not agree, then please stop viewing the section immediately.

    Copyright Issues

    GameKiller.net (the Site, its Owner, Administrators, Super Moderators, Moderators, Coders, and Section Moderators) provides links to other sites on the Internet; we do not host or upload any copyrighted content. Therefore, GameKiller.net is not responsible for the accuracy, compliance, copyright, legality, decency, or any other aspect of the content of other linked sites. GameKiller.net is also not responsible for the actions or posts of any of its members. If you have any legal issues please contact the appropriate media file owners and/or host sites.

    If you are the copyright holder (or are acting on the request of the copyright holder) and want links, posts, or threads removed from GameKiller.net that contain links to copyrighted content, then make a removal request by acting in cooperation and taking into consideration with the following rules:

    •When contacting us, make sure to provide the exact URL(s) to the page(s) that the link(s) to the copyrighted content is to be removed from.
    •By contacting us you, or your company/corporation is, the copyright holder of the content to be removed.
    •Specify (in detail) what content is copyrighted and which link you desire to be removed.

    Please send your removal request to [email protected] and allow at least 96 hours for your request to be processed and action to be taken. We will send a response to the email address that we were notified from as soon as action has been taken.

    Note: Keep in mind that this document may be changed at any time.
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