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  1. Kiwi


    This is a list of all of the tutorials posted here. You can see they are organized in categories. If I have missed one then please post the link below. It will be updated periodically.

    Photoshop Basics
    Nitride's GFX for Dummies:
    Mike's General Graphics for Dummies:
    JustiMan's Rounded Edges Tutorial:
    Karou's Render Selection Tutorial:
    lvw's Pen Tool Settings:
    Mazoku's Making and Adding Brushes Tutorial:
    Mike's C4D Tutorial:
    Mazuko's Keyboard Shortcut Tutorial:
    God's Basic Pentool Effect:
    SiBski's Graphics Terms:
    WingsofLife's How to Add Brushes Tutorial:

    Tag/Signature Tutorials

    Jake's Anime Signature Tutorial:
    BottomNotch's Stock Tag Tutorial:
    CapitolGMAN's Tutorial List (Beginner-Friendly Tutorials Included!) -
    Mike's Bubble Girl Tutorial:
    Harelori's Signature Tutorial:
    Law's Intermediate/Advanced Tutorials:
    BottomNotch's Full Signature Tutorial:
    photo's Beginner Grunge Tutorial:
    Zell's Grunge Tutorial:
    MrDeleTe's Tag Tutorials:
    Totality's Halo Signature Tutorial:
    namnam's Serenity Tag Tutorial:
    Nitride's Orb Tutorial:
    Rehab's 23 Userful Tag Tutorials:
    Mike's Sprite Tag Tutorial:
    Charaky's Tag Tutorial List:
    BytheNight's Tag Tutorial:
    Suri's GIMP Signature Tutorial:
    Mazuko's Signature Tutorial:
    Abstract's Ninja Bear Tag Tutorial:
    Skyreach's Prince of Persia Tag Tutorial:
    Slungeman's Advanced to Beginner Tag Tutorials:
    Intergalactik's Tag Tutorials:
    Nairck's House Tag Tutorial:
    Kiki's Tag Tutorial:
    Shift's Trapped Tutorial:
    Ripped's Tag Tutorials:
    Shadowtector's Anime Sig:
    BlazinDonut's Spinning C4D Avatar:
    Kid's Zombie Tag Tutorial:
    marioman's Hulk Tag:
    Mike's Signature Tutorial:
    cowjuice's Persia Tag:
    Shift's Samus Tag:
    Shift's Sprite Tag:
    Reminiscent's Simple Tag Tutorial:
    Shift's Pentool Tag Tutorial:
    Bluey's Cpt.America Tag:
    Kurai's Signature Tutorial:
    Note's Tag Tutorial:
    Kanye's Tag Tutorial:
    songkipark's Signature Tut:
    Kanye's Signature Tutorial:
    Chan's Watercolor Tag:
    Faux's From Beyond Tag:
    Kiki's Ichigo Tag:
    Dervie's Brush Signature:
    Void's Signature Video:
    Logicalmale's Grunge Tag:


    Bankai's Text Reflection Tutorial:
    Gabber's 3D Text Tutorial:
    PalWithBlackColor's Modern 3D Text:
    PalWithBlackColor's Text Using Displacement Mask:
    Nairck's Text Design Tag:
    Connection's Graffiti Text:
    Haze's Simple Text Tutorial:

    Mazuko's Beginner Smudge Tutorial:
    helvetica's Space Smudge Tutorial:
    CapitolGMAN's Smudge Tutorial:
    Vendetta's Smudge Settings Tutorial:
    Designcrazy's Smudge Tutorial:
    Nitride's Smudge Tutorial:
    Shift's Smudge Tutorial:
    Kurai's Smudge Tag:

    Nitride's Beginners Spriting Tutorial:
    Lukkyz's Eye Color Changing Tutorial:
    FlurZero's Eye Changing Tutorial:
    BottomNotch's Fire Tutorial:
    Medic's Color Combination Tutorial:
    Lukkyz Depth Tutorial:
    Grind's Basic to Advanced Tutorials:
    Mike's PhotoManip Tutorial:
    Slyvacre's Glass Ball Tutorial:
    Marvel's Pencil Effect:
    mero's Draw me the world tutorial:
    Marvel's Color Tutorial:
    Reminisence's Animation Tut:
    FrickFrack's GIMP Tutorials:
    Kurai's Spinning Avatar:
    WingsOfLife How to Make a C4D:
    huracka's Sketch Tutorial:
    Nitride's Illustrator Tutorial:
    Void's Web Template Tutorial:
    Azator's Illustrator Basics:
    pUre's Mix Tutorials:
    theganksauce's Large Tutorial List:
    Azator's Basic C4D Tutorial:
    Sylvacre's Cartoon Tutorial: Crack Effect:

    *The names are only the people that posted the tutorial. This does not mean they they take credit for making them in any way
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  2. Vizod

    Vizod Lurker

    Thanks Kiwi!
  3. Qybah

    Qybah Super Moderator Staff Member

    You added a "S" after the link which caused the link to not work.
    Just saying :awe:
  4. Kiwi


    Thanks. I edited it.
  5. helvetica

    helvetica SHOP@HOME LLC

    I don't think you should write ______'s tutorial unless they wrote it. Best to give credits to the original maker.
  6. CapitolGMAN

    CapitolGMAN Game Killer

    Pochy's And Anubis' Smudge Tutorial* :awe:

    Thank you Kiwi. This is a most useful thread. <3
  7. Kiwi


    Look at the bottom of my thread post.
    You are welcome :wub:
  8. helvetica

    helvetica SHOP@HOME LLC


    It shouldn't be so invisible. I mean, even scumbag corporations write their fine print black on white.
  9. Chill

    Chill Veteran Hacker

    This seems like it will actually be useful.
  10. Kiwi


    Oh, im on the other theme thats why. I'll change it.

    OFWGKTA Maester

    This makes me want to do more tutorials lol
  12. Richy

    Richy Game Assassin

    There are broken links. You should check them before putting them up on the thread just because it says "tutorial"
  13. Kiwi


    I forgot to check the links, but i did catch a lot of them that were posted images that no longer existed

    ---------- Post added 01-03-2012 at 06:16 PM ----------

    Actually most of them work but you have to get rid of the gk direct part of the link.
  14. CapitolGMAN

    CapitolGMAN Game Killer

    I tested every single link in every thread in Kiwi's post, and they all worked. I only encountered a couple GK Redirect ones, which are easily fixed. Just delete the GK Redirect part of the link. Perfection.
  15. Kiwi


    This thread is officially up to date!
    All current tutorials have been added.
  16. CapitolGMAN

    CapitolGMAN Game Killer

    I updated this thread, Kiwi.

    I have compiled most of my threads, to help clean this place up. :) Hope you guys still find them helpful.
  17. WooHoo

    WooHoo Game Killer

    Thanks for this Kiwi! Organized lists are so helpful <3
  18. Kiwi


    Thanks! I need to update it again :hmm:
  19. WooHoo

    WooHoo Game Killer

    Ty in advance for update <3. looking forward to it! (by category is much better than alphabetical! ty !!

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