Permanent Banned at Pianus

Discussion in 'Global MapleStory' started by SeraphicFate, Apr 20, 2017.

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  1. SeraphicFate

    SeraphicFate Australia The New Guy

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    Ah, interesting. Good to know. I noticed a lot of odd activity by the GMs, especially since the merge with EMS. I was originally under the impression that it was exclusive to Reboot but I guess I was wrong.

    I originally heard the contrary which is why I stood on top of Pianus with Full God Mode; it hides my IGN so even less chance of getting reported and I see many other people in my server doing the same. I have not been banned on so many characters (this was possibly due to how much Pianus disconnects so I was never in one place for too long) that I thought it was safe. I'll keep that in mind should I risk returning to Pianus.

    We do have another member post above that they lost their account at Pianus though. Either way, Pianus is definitely a hotspot now and it's possible that they consider the exploit severe enough for a permanent ban considering that you can level a character to 200 in about 2 hours.

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  2. YoungWey

    YoungWey Brazil Premium Premium

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    You get less reported than you think, anyway if you didn't noticed the terminal developers lowered the disconect rate on pianus, on last update...
    So like i said, is realy a higher chance to be banned if you full god mode him, you can always do 30sec god mode with pots ^^
  3. Joker

    Joker United States Premium Premium

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    I was also banned by a gm not to long ago perm banned no even jailed or anything. i was just using the regular bots btw
  4. N3rdl3r0y

    N3rdl3r0y United States Informed Hacker

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    ... Isn't it the rule for GM's to issue out a two-week ban on the first offense? I've always heard that permanent bans on the first offense are most likely if not always going to be auto bans by triggering something in the game. Seeing that I've gotten accs that were permanently banned to getting unbanned I believe that if you receive a permanent ban on your first offense, send a ticket, if you've been two-week banned, sucks to suck cuz that means 100% it was a GM that caught you.
  5. astigboy

    astigboy Canada Premium Premium

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    just use guard mode

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