Photoshop CS6 Easy 5 step process.

Discussion in 'GFX Resources' started by LostSaga, Jun 8, 2014.

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  1. LostSaga

    LostSaga Banned

    There's four steps to getting Photoshop CS6 for free.
    Virus scan: The file exceeds both the virus scans MB limits sorry :meh:
    Your going to need the following:
    • First off download the photoshop in the link:

    • Make a new folder called Photoshop CS6 then drag all the files in there.
    • put the file where ever you want.
    • Lastly go to photoshop cs6, then there should be another photoshop cs6 folder go click on that, then go to the program and run it.
    • And your done! Enjoy
    • Last step Thank the thread :)(Optional)
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  2. KIN

    KIN Elite Hacker

    Windows 8 compatible? I'm too lazy to check. :)
  3. LostSaga

    LostSaga Banned

    Yes it is windows 8 compatible. In fact I am using windows 8 with it and it works fine.
  4. KIN

    KIN Elite Hacker

    Thank you very much dude! Just tested and works flawlessly.
  5. LostSaga

    LostSaga Banned

    Your very welcome. Enjoy photoshop free, and as I always say have a great day!

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