Pianus Spawn Packet?

Discussion in 'Global MapleStory' started by vbn69, Jan 11, 2017.

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  1. vbn69

    vbn69 The New Guy

    Does anyone have this packet? I've been told that packet sending the pianus spawn is infinitely faster than autoing the plant with the reactor script.

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  2. RiceDude

    RiceDude R i c e Premium Member

    The packet is different for every world and channel
  3. vbn69

    vbn69 The New Guy

    so is there like a huge list for reboot pls?
  4. quinty

    quinty The New Guy

    id help you but thats 20 channels id have to go through and also i dont really want pianus to be flooded and also im not by my computer
  5. Hacka

    Hacka Informed Hacker

    What's so good about pianus?

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