Please bring back the .wz editing section and the old/detected hacks section

Discussion in 'Forum Suggestions & Questions' started by algulsiento, Mar 20, 2017.

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  1. algulsiento

    algulsiento United States The New Guy

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    I'm looking for a thread that used to be in the .wz edit section because it might be useful for the current version of GMS, , which was a thread showing how to get Limited No-Delay through .wz editing the addAttack property of a skill. However, the .wz editing section is gone and the thread is also no longer there. Even now, .wz editing can still be very useful, as can be seen by the Soul Seeker edit, so that section should be brought back even if it doesn't see much activity due to new hacks.

    Also, the old/detected hacks section was removed around the same time the .wz edit section as well. Can you please bring that section back? Looking through old hacks/exploits can and has led to inspiration for new ones based on the old methods.
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    Now the Angelic Buster edit thread is gone! Please stop making old hacks/edits unviewable, there's so much information that's being lost. The thread was still cached on Google so I was able to view it and save the contents which I posted below, but the caches for many other pages have since been deleted.

    1) Open Harepacker (run as administrator)

    2) Open Skill.wz in HaRepacker
    (GMS: C:\Nexon\Library\maplestory\appdata or where ever you saved Maple in)
    (MSEA: C:\Program Files (x86)\MapleStorySEA or where ever you saved Maple in)

    3) Open 6511.img

    4) Open skill

    5) Open 65111100

    6) Open 'action', Click on '0', Change text to 'recovery' (Apply Changed Value)

    7) Open 'common'

    8) Click on 'lt', Change both 'X' and 'Y' to '-99999' (Apply Changed Value) <-- MUST HAVE THE NEGATIVES

    9) Click on 'rb', Change both 'X' and 'Y' to '99999' (Apply Changed Value)

    10) Open 'info'

    11) Add 'wzCompressedIntProperty' with Name 'rapidAttack' and Value '1'

    12) Click on 'type', Change number to '10' (Apply Changed Value)

    13) Save, Replace Skill.wz, Close HaRepacker and you are done! :D
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  2. sportsboy098

    sportsboy098 United States Lvl. 9 Trap

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    The intention here is good, wz editing was kinda fun in its day but I doubt the threads can or will be brought back. I would enjoy the old/detected hacks section though.

    if you're thinking of the edit that I think you may be thinking of, it's an immediate d/c. At least on the classes and skills I tested it on...
  3. iAlec

    iAlec United States The New Guy

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    There are still many good wz edits out there. And many of the methods in the old (hidden now) threads still work. So I think they should bring the section back
  4. WTFM

    WTFM United States WTFM#1645

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    +1 for this. Would love to take a look at some old scripts for educational purposes.
  5. nathanjo

    nathanjo Premium Premium

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    Bumping this

    There is some useful information in the old detected hacks section that I need.

  6. OfficialBW

    OfficialBW Godly Hacker

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    Yup +1 from a fellow Wz Editor.

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