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    Read To understand what I'm talking about.

    Monochromatic color scheme
    A monochromatic color scheme consists of different values (tints and shades) of one single color. These color schemes are easy to get right and can be very effective, soothing and authoritative. They do, however, lack the diversity of hues found in other color schemes and are less vibrant.

    Complementary color scheme
    Complementary colors are colors that are opposite each other on the color wheel, such as blue and orange, red and green, purple and yellow. Complementary color schemes have a more energetic feel
    The high contrast between the colors creates a vibrant look, especially when used at full saturation. Complementary colors can be tricky to use in large doses.

    Triadic color scheme
    A color scheme in which 3 colors of equidistant distribution on the color wheel are used, e.g., red, blue, and yellow.

    Tetrads color scheme
    Tetrads (or quadrads[4]) are any four colors with a logical relationship on the color wheel, such as double complements.

    Analogous color scheme
    Analogous colors are colors that are adjacent to each other on the color wheel. Some examples are green, yellow green, and yellow or red, red violet and violet. Analogous color schemes are often found in nature and are pleasing to the eye. The combination of these colors give a bright effect in the area, and are able to accommodate many changing moods. When using the analogous color scheme, one should make sure there is one hue as the main color.

    Accented analogic color scheme
    A color scheme that includes neutral colors, like white, beige, brown, grey, light brown or black, and one or more small doses of other colors. eg.brown and beige with blue, gray and black with red
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  2. CapitolGMAN

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    I remember this site, or at least one that resembles it. I would love to see this stickied, it would be a helpful tool to newbies. :)
  3. Synchronicity232

    Synchronicity232 Guest

    Wow great find :D.
    I'll try to use it when I start GFX-ing
  4. Kiwi

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    Ah i've used this before
    Its honestly just like ps though
    Its the same concept
    In PS i just brush on different colors and mix them to see what looks good
    It all works out.

    OFWGKTA United States Maester

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  6. Macklemore

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    Added descriptions
  7. Nijix13

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    Awesome site, really helpful!
  8. StriK.eR

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    this is based on colors that SHOULD go together, not what look good together :)

    great site, thanks.
  9. BlotterPaper

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    nice ill be using this

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