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Discussion in 'Reboot' started by maje77, Aug 8, 2017.

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  1. maje77

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    • Each account comes with 120% mesos obtained
    • They are all on ranks, Never banned or whispered and Real-time Gm detection is used with every account!
    • Original email provided
    • Willing to use a middleman,At your expense
    • Contact me through Pm's Skype or Discord.
    • 2 accounts with 100b each currently, Will take requests.
    • My skype is live:8a516c365c11701d and my discord is Reboot Account Sale#6908
    • Pm me any time, will get back to you as soon as i can to discuss further details.
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    Preferably discord

    Current sales - 100b account to Elucicate.
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  2. Elucicate

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    Purchased a 100b On-Ranks account and the seller was very responsive and helpful. Would definitely buy again!
  3. Smittycoco

    Smittycoco Lurker

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    I got 200b acct and he responded right away and even gave me an extra 10b! He is the best sell around. 11/10 would definitely use again! Thanks again maje!!!

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