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    This thread has been made to point out the rules in this section. Read these rules and you will have no trouble with anyone or any staff here on If you find someone breaking one of these rules please use the "Report a post" button.


    1.All apply here in this section.

    Duplicate threads will be deleted/removed.
    Use the thank button if you find a post useful, do not verbally thank it.

    4. Include at least one virus scan in your thread, you will be infracted and your thread will be deleted if you disobey this.

    Here is a Virus scan website ​

    5. This is a section to share your work. Do not copy others programs and claim it as your own.

    6. Give credits to the source code if you just copied and pasted it, and edited the code.


    I believe this is one of the best sections on gamekiller, I think very high of it. I do not want to see fights in here, if you believe someone has no knowledge over the subject please report to staff or Pm me. Do not flame or troll them over it. This is pretty common so please guys be mature and report them.

    Keep in mind of these sections too

    This section is for general disscussion over Programming , recommended if you have trouble with somthing in a guide here you ask about it here.

    If you want to start hacking visit here before asking about it. Or if you wish to make your own tut to help others.

    Source codes go here, Game hacking or just general programming sources.(almost all of these sources will be outdated!)

    On a final note, Keep in mind this is a programming section. This requires some knowledge on programming to help others. If you have no idea what they are talking about its better you don't share your opinion or ask for clarification.

    Rules here in this thread are subject to change at anytime. Please check back, I will
    state if i made an update or not.

    Thanks for your time guys, Have fun exploring the world of programming!
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