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    Section Rules for Elsword Online + "What to do if Banned?"

    G'day fellow Elsword Online members,
    This thread has been created to ensure the section is kept in order. Ensure you read each rule carefully. This thread is for you only. You are not to enforce these rules. If you spot a member breaking a rule. Use the report button. List the reason as 'Violating a Sticked Rule'. If you do not understand a rule listed below. Please contact staff.


    1. [*=left]1. All forum rules apply here. Ensure you have read the TOS.

      [*=left]If you are providing tools/hacks/programs they must contain a virus scan. and/or . Failing to comply with this rule will result in your thread being trashed and hack being rejected.

      [*=left]Do not download content that does not have a virus scan attached and/or been approved by staff.

      [*=left]Posting harmful/malicious content is forbidden.

      [*=left]Leeched products are not to be published without sufficient and proper use of credits, preferably tools require permission from the original creator to post.

      [*=left]Accusing a member of leeching products and not providing proper credits will be considered Mini-Moderating. Refrain from engaging in such arguments. Use the report button and the issue will be dealt with by the staff.

      [*=left]Do not ask someone to PM you hack. Do not ask members to spoon feed you hacks/exploits. Use the search function. If you can't find it. We don't have it. Threads will be removed and users will be infracted.

      [*=left]Duplicate threads may be deleted/removed. Ensure you check the section before posting a thread. Multiple threads with the same hack clutter the section.

      [*=left]Users are not to create threads/comments asking for a hack to be updated or ask for estimated times of hack releases/updates. Teams involved in hack development are the only ones with accurate information about releases. They will provide the details themselves in future threads. These sorts of threads have been running rampant within the section. It's unnecessary and creates spam.

      [*=left]Do not create threads requesting hacks.

      [*=left]Do not request free Elsword accounts, all accounts for sale can be found in the market section of the forum.

      [*=left]Do not complain about bans or initiate threads that pertain to bans. Hack at your own risk. *Read Below for Suggestions*

      [*=left]Posting VIP content from other forums/websites is strictly forbidden.

      [*=left]Selling hacks is not allowed without explicit permission from @ .

      [*=left]This is not a BlackMarket alternative.

      [*=left]Questions related to hacks that are not affiliated with GameKiller are not to be discussed within the section/forum.

      [*=left]Unless you are a contributor, you must seek permission by an ADMIN to have ad.fly links in downloads. If you put surveys in links, content will be treated as malicious. Surveys are forbidden and are not to be used at all. Objecting to this rule may result in a ban.



    • [*=left]Verbally Thanking Members: If you are going to verbally thank a member for his/her advice. Ensure that it is genuine and that you provide a reason. Members verbally thanking members with little to no effort in there post will be warned for spamming.


    Thanks pertaining to those above will be considered spam.

    It is advised you use the 'Thanks' Button located at the bottom of each post. It shows your true appreciation.

    • [*=left]Downloading Member Content: Content that does not have a virus scan or has not been approved by staff may run you the risk of executing malicious content on your PC. It is advised you wait till a program is approved. So be aware of what you might be potentially downloading unwanted content. Download at your own risk. The forum will not be blamed for users who prematurity download content. We will do our best to sort out malicious content.

      [*=left]Titles: Write clear and concise titles. Members will respond to enquiries much earlier. It also improves the section.

      [*=left]Outdated Hack/Exploit: Please take the time to report all outdated hacks, threads, and broken links to either the staff or through report system. Using the report system is very efficient and all matters should/will be resolved within 12Hrs of the report being submitted.

    Just got banned?:

    In the past members have flooded this section full of useless threads that pertain to bans that occurred in game. A thread was created to suggest what member's could do during a ban. The top 5 suggestions are listed below:

    1. [*=left]Create a 'new' account
      [*=left]Submitting an appeal through the online ticketing system.
      [*=left]Go outside and engage in some sort of extra curricular activity.
      [*=left]Opt to play anther video game
      [*=left]Rage Quit

    Threads will removed from the section.


    Rules are subject to change without any warning/message. Re-visit this in the future to ensure you are up to date. Any rules that are broken will result in infraction/ban.

    Happy Gaming!

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    ill keep in mind :S

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