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    Now that I've got my bots a little more stable, I can sit back and enjoy the finer things in life... like printing bloctopus keychains:

    Would anyone be interested in anything like this? Here on GK I'm not really trying to sell any of it for profit, just a goofy project more for fun if anything. My print quality would more resemble that of the bloctopus. I'm not quite pro enough to get the results that you see in the slime/mushroom (tbh whoever did that either sanded/painted it or is in possession of a high quality stereolithography unit) EDIT: I'm an idiot those are just rendered.

    As we speak I'm attempting to print a bloctopus, I'll post results if I get it to go. I had to break the file into pieces theres no way i can print it standing up like it is.

    Also if theres any of you out their with artistic ability (not me) let me know and I can show you the free tools (blender) necessary to make your favorite maplestory monster/weapon come to life. My detail isnt 100% the greatest but if youre the kind of person that likes things that arent on store shelves as opposed to those that are, you might enjoy it. Personally I'm gonna make and paint a deadly fin, that shit takes me way back.

    For those of you wondering about the legalities, i would only avoid things like the orange mushroom, slime, yeti, pink bean, and anything else that nexon actually sells as plushes or figurines or leases out to 3rd parties. Not sure if they do. But otherwise as a small outfit its an artist's rendition so technically its sellable for those of you who think there might be money in it. But thhen again I dont know and thats why I post here to get some of your thoughts.

    If i get any interest I'll make a sales post in the appropriate place but its no secret that 3d printing is pretty cheap. Depending on the size this bloctopus costs less than $1 to make, even including electricity and mechanical wear. The right fanatic with the right object could pay upwards of $20 for custom, unique, never before seen items. Dont believe me? Search ANYthing 3d printed on some stuff is cheap but come on those pokemon/smash bros figurines cost pennies to make, and i could hire a 5 year old to paint them better than that. $34.95 my ass.

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