[Reboot] R> Hacking Guild [Discord][Hmag/CRA carries/All others] 180+ Members 2/2/17

Discussion in 'Global MapleStory' started by ResidentSoap, Sep 25, 2016.

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  1. ResidentSoap

    ResidentSoap Informed Hacker

    New hacking guild based in Reboot, PM for name
    • CRA/Hmag carries on Wednesday
    • Hellux carries by any of our members who want to share
    • Training / Meso farming tips
    • Mature guild, if you're annoying you'll be kicked.
    • PM or reply for guild name!

    Edit 2/2/17 Spots still open!
    Last edited: Feb 2, 2017
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  2. kefipk

    kefipk Lurker


    guild name?
  3. Jax

    Jax The New Guy

    I want to join!! lvl 220 kinesis 1mrange, i'll pm you
  4. PlayarOne

    PlayarOne The New Guy

    hello i would like to join as well in need for some hmag carries and cra carry, please and thank you i've pmed you
  5. HellaFlush

    HellaFlush Lurker

    In need for a guild :)
  6. xpokemex

    xpokemex Lurker

    Hello I would like to join , PMED
  7. ResidentSoap

    ResidentSoap Informed Hacker

    Spots still open!

    We'll be running Lotus/Damien this week, so join soon!

    No requirements to join runs, just gotta have the pre-quests done :p
  8. freedumb

    freedumb Veteran Hacker

    Can I join please :D
  9. Tom123

    Tom123 The New Guy

    can I join
  10. stan008

    stan008 Lurker

    send me a PM ill join
  11. emeldj

    emeldj The New Guy

    PM me please :) I just started at reboot.
  12. ResidentSoap

    ResidentSoap Informed Hacker

    Sent you the name, welcome!
  13. horn11tail

    horn11tail The New Guy

    Hello, i would like to join please. I am lvl 196 kinesis. Ign is Tonachi.
  14. SportyDude

    SportyDude The New Guy

    Guild name? Pm please
  15. articuno

    articuno The New Guy

    IGN : DonnieNobody lvl210 kenesis .
  16. xaelicity

    xaelicity The New Guy

    Hi, can I join?
  17. xSteveHD

    xSteveHD Premium Premium Member

    Hi, could I join your guild? Thanks!
  18. ResidentSoap

    ResidentSoap Informed Hacker

    Please PM me if i didn't invite you in

    We filled up on spots for a little while, all good now with tons of spots, so join in!
  19. canadian88

    canadian88 Premium Premium Member

    hi id like to join. i am able to kill hmag,cvel and hellux to help out the guild. my ign is cdnblaze. send me your guild name and ill join. thanks:)
  20. demonnator

    demonnator The New Guy

    Hey Could I get the guild name please! Love to join!

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