rektLeague - Overlay Cheat for Rocket League (ball path, ball distance, crosshair & more)

Discussion in 'Rocket League Hacks & Cheats' started by EvilRick, Jan 3, 2017.

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  1. enc0re

    enc0re Lurker

    What a Save!

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  2. Tehmoo

    Tehmoo Lurker

    Sweet, I wnna try it =]
  3. Yomam

    Yomam Lurker

    Honestly, I'm Champion and I can predict the ball pretty well, I'm going to try this out and see how it could be used. But honestly, it's not too helpful unless you're bad at wallshots or predicting
  4. Lewis Thompson

    Lewis Thompson Lurker

    Nice Shot!
  5. Leadsamich

    Leadsamich Premium Premium Member

    Good work!
  6. Thanksman

    Thanksman Lurker

    Thanks, man.
  7. pelaxo

    pelaxo Lurker

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  8. Focused

    Focused Lurker

    kinda slow
  9. sammyvvv

    sammyvvv Lurker

    very nice..
  10. Blaze

    Blaze A dreamer Staff Member

    We have lowered the price of premium from $15 to $10 per month. This should make it more affordable for a ton of user and give them the opportunity to try out rektLeauge in ranked mode. Enjoy!
  11. EvilRick

    EvilRick The Rickest Rick gkay c0derr

    Hey guys. Thanks for trying it out and for you subs, thanks for your support. I have been taking feedback from people and will be implementing new features / tweaks to make it better.

    Coming soon:
    -no drawing boost overlay stuff if you have full boost
    -smaller font on ball distance text
    -hotkeys to turn off certain overlay features
    -Aiming indicator
  12. Spanksz1

    Spanksz1 Blaze other account. Premium Member

    Awesome. Blaze has my Skype just in case you need them tested ahead of time. I got the recording ready.
  13. wafflepies

    wafflepies Lurker

  14. Blaze

    Blaze A dreamer Staff Member

    @Focused @wafflepies

    Thank you for the support boys. If you guys have any feedback or suggestions to share after using rektleague in ranked mode, feel free to post them in the premium section. We are always looking for new ideas to improve the project.
  15. cliqk

    cliqk Lurker

    Hey thanks to give a free version to test it out ! Regards
  16. Tutelary

    Tutelary Lurker

    Interesting! Was wondering how long it would be until the first ESP/Trajectory assist program was created. Good Job!
  17. EvilRick

    EvilRick The Rickest Rick gkay c0derr

    No problem! Enjoy! Let us know if you have any suggestions. Hope to see you in the premium section!
  18. FrailGuy

    FrailGuy Lurker

    dope! can't wait to try this out. thanks for including a free version to test:]
  19. EvilRick

    EvilRick The Rickest Rick gkay c0derr

    Depending on who you ask we're not the first, but we are the best. Definitely the most accurate ball trajectory. I'm getting a LOT of requests for supporting bounces with the ball path. It is being worked on but I cannot give an estimate on when it will be done. It's a very difficult thing to implement and I will not be releasing it until it is 100% accurate. If it's not, it's useless.
  20. lfischer216

    lfischer216 Premium Premium Member

    Going to try this in season

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