rektLeague - Overlay Cheat for Rocket League (ball path, ball distance, crosshair & more)

Discussion in 'Rocket League Hacks & Cheats' started by EvilRick, Jan 3, 2017.

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  1. Yuriy

    Yuriy Lurker

    Wow, will try! =)

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  2. Igosama

    Igosama Lurker

    Will definitely try out. Thanks!
  3. seoperone

    seoperone Lurker

    Nice very good
  4. spamm22

    spamm22 Lurker

    Rocket LEague have no anti cheat lol :D
  5. nVinc

    nVinc Lurker

    LUL WTF dat
  6. skuzia

    skuzia Lurker

    Looks great, I'm thinking about buying
  7. Blaze

    Blaze A dreamer Staff Member

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  8. EvilRick

    EvilRick The Rickest Rick gkay c0derr

    New Update! Everyone should be on it already you probably noticed some changes!

    new features
    dont draw boost overlay if 100% boost
    dont draw boost overlay for small boosts
    removed drawing 'cooldown', just draws number - less clutter
    ball distance text smaller

    added hotkey to toggle drawing ball path ---- f1
    added hotkey to toggle drawing boost overlay ---- f2
    added hotkey to toggle drawing player trajectory ---- f3
    added hotkey to toggle drawing misc stuff ---- f4
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  9. CeilingGoggie

    CeilingGoggie Lurker

    noicenoicenoice :D
  10. syykez

    syykez Lurker

    hek yea, looks greatso far!
  11. Blaze

    Blaze A dreamer Staff Member

    You can try out rektLeague premium for free today. Read more here!

  12. datguyhacker

    datguyhacker Lurker

    I would like to see a feature whereas you can see your enemies and all the other entities in a 2d radar, this would be really helpful as having good communication in competative play.
  13. EvilRick

    EvilRick The Rickest Rick gkay c0derr

    I want to add something like this. I'm not sure how I want to implement it yet.
  14. simoril

    simoril Lurker

    i ll try it

  15. datguyhacker

    datguyhacker Lurker

    Well, i would use the engine functions to do most of the stuff, but then again im not coding "premium" cheats by any means.
    So how you do it is your choice :)
  16. Vladimir22

    Vladimir22 The New Guy

    I think radar is useless because it's a fast paced game, no time to look on radar would only distract
  17. Focused

    Focused Lurker

    However some kind of GLOW esp could help :) highlighting enemies/teammate with Blue/red lighting would be nice.
  18. datguyhacker

    datguyhacker Lurker

    Lol, I think you are just not that experienced at the game because a radar would help me so much from dodging demos / from teammates. cuz i am having 100% control in the game no matter what if i am 1 sec looking away etc....

    Well now taken your post in mind
    Developers, maybe a arrow pointing where your teammate/enemy is, like the ball arrow when you have ballcam off, get it? is that a bad idea?
  19. EvilRick

    EvilRick The Rickest Rick gkay c0derr

    It's a tricky thing to implement because literally everyone has different camera settings. Something that is useful to the way one person's camera is set up can be hugely distracting to someone else. I thought about drawing lines to players to indicate when they are close to you, but it's pretty much only useful for determining if someone is trying to blow you up or ram you, but that kind of thing happens so fast a line isnt going to help. I thought about adding other player's trajectory lines so you can see when someone is on track to hit you but again, cluttered and late.

    Beyond everyone having a different camera setup, everyone has a different skill level and certain features only help certain skill levels. Right now I'm trying to focus on features that benefit everyone, of all skill levels
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  20. Piet Hoogebaan

    Piet Hoogebaan Lurker

    Very nice!

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