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    Before i begin, I would like to start out & say - I imagine that there is a thousand and one requests for this type of graphic design work & i apologize for creating a another one, but once you get through my welcome thread & this thread you'll realize that this is going to be on a whole different caliber than the rest of the meso shop requests that you've seen around.

    My welcome thread is a long read, as i explained every single thing in detail & exactly what i am working this & what my intentions are. I highly suggest you read my welcome thread first before you begin reading on.

    The Request
    The request is almost exactly the same as every other meso shop request thread on here. I am looking for just that. I am in need of a thread design that can be used in threads across multiple Maplestory, Virtual Goods, & auction websites. What i am looking for is one that has length because once i have everything setup the way i want it, The layout may contain a lot of information about my service of selling accounts & mesos. Design wise, I do not have much of an idea. I would just like a layout like i've seen around here in other mesos threads. Maplestory art, colorful, & it would have to be eye catching. If you are reading this, I am assuming you read my welcome thread & you'll realize the magnitude of equipment that I am working this and how large of a scale the shop will be turned into. As i said, I do not have much of a preference except for a couple details / requests. The meso shop is going to be an EXTREMELY professional shop that will not shut down in 3 to 6 months. There is a lot of work & investing that is going to this. Multiple high-end websites that specialize in virtual goods & services. Multiple forms of payments - Not just 2 or 3. I will be accepting payment in all sorts of different ways to deliver the best service possible. Once the shop takes off - The shop will then evolve into a website of its own that includes Live chat / Discord then eventually evolve in a way that i will be adding more services than just the basic two. Once that happens, I will be search of a partner that will be able to assist me in the day to day operations. I have plenty of ideas of other services that will be added later - but for protection purposes, I am not going to let that information out at the moment. I already have a "professional" name as well - but that won't be reveled until later on or unless someone is kind enough to begin design work.

    With all that being said, This is going to be the catch that is most likely going to turn people away - I am hoping to achieve this on commission until i have everything 100% setup & functioning. I will say this, I have already talked to a few websites and i have ads already secured that will be placed on websites that contain high daily traffic.As the shop starts out, GK will be the shops home until i can have a certain amount on backstock so there will be no issues going forward of not being able to fill orders. Once the shop picks up and traffic increases it will be moved to its own host & then i plan of having talks with GK about affiliation and provide advertisement for GK & they simply place a button or banner and create advertisement for us. Obviously, I do not know if the GK affiliation is possible but it is one of the many ideas i have in store. Once the store takes off, The designer will be paid handsomely in USD via any payment method you would like to receive it as. I understand that for you, the designer, this is a huge leap of faith and i understand that completely.

    If you are interested or maybe you would just like more information before you decide, Below i will leave a few methods of getting in-contact with me. I would like to say that these contact methods are only temporary. Once the shop is completely set up & running, I will be creating new & different ways to get in contact with me. As I said, these contact methods are temporary until the shop is read to open then all new ones will be created reflecting the shops name & will be more variety of contact methods.

    Discord: Dustin#2126


    Private Message: Gamekiller.net - Message me on this forum - Checked daily. Multiple times.

    I would like to thank everyone that took their time out of the day to read my thread & i appreciate even just that. I look forward to working with some of you!

    Best Regards,

    Mr. Ad Advertisement

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    Good luck :grimacing:

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