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Video game hacking a profitable business venture or no? Thinking in terms of lack of overhead + ROI

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  1. Slarpee

    Slarpee United States Lurker

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    tl;dr is it profitable to produce hacks for games?
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  2. Kiwi

    Kiwi United States

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    If you can code hacks then you probably have the skills to code other more profitable things, and work for an established company. Remember than people buying hacks are usually teenagers with little to no income.
    But yes, it is profitable simply put. Just depends on many factors (is the game popular, how much can you charge, how much time does it take to make the hacks and maintain them). I would private message the coders lol.
  3. shadowerace

    shadowerace Australia $ VIP Meso Farmer $

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    no you'll get sued and go to jail :fearscream:
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  4. ghenadi

    ghenadi United States Your mom's bf

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    It all depends on how big a game is. Selling accounts on the side is good for college kids who stay at home. Make that extra income for alcohol and adderrall.

    But in terms of making hacks it depends I guess how many people would be interested in hacking (and are successful and not idiots in terms of using those services). Also if you have any partners that you'd have to split profit with.

    So in conclusion: It depends on the market. The really successful ones are the people that provide many services throughout many games. But for individual game... probably not. You'll have your good days and bad days. But games fluctuate in how trendy they are throughout the year which largely affect profits.
    Maybe not go to jail but definitley be in debt to the company if they can prove that you made a significant amount of money off of the game.

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