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    I'm gonna be real and say that a part of this thread's purpose is for my own Ego's benefit. I don't care if people buy Terminal or not, I just want to show people how much I can make daily from using this program. It'll get me to feel like I've gotten far in my "hacking journey" in Maplestory and that I'm better than a majority of the hackers in here that use Terminal for casual gains.

    Current Meso Total: 210B
    Completion: 21.0%

    Greetings! I'd like to start off by introducing myself.
    I played Maple for many years, on and off like many others. One day, on my way to Horntail, I stumbled upon a hacker. I got curious and started chatting with them. They were actually polite enough to respond. He ended up telling me the name of a website where I could get the public hacks that he was using from. The site's name was GamerSo- kidding. It was GameKiller. I was introduced into a whole new world of Maple. I had more fun than I ever had in Maple when I was using hacks. I was only using these public hacks as a way to beat Bosses with ease and to improve my main back then. I don't know if anyone else here felt like this but through most of my early hacking journey, I felt a lone. Always having to go offline and avoid any of my guildies or buddies just so they won't ever have any signs or suspicions of my hacking. Anyways. a couple years go by of casual hacking and a little bit of meso farming with Blaze Wizards and I get my former main account banned because of the godly Damage exploit that came out a while ago.
    I was smart enough to foresee that it was inevitable for my Main account to be banned so, I started working on a new one which I was soon able to get to 250 with Terminal. A couple weeks later, my former damage hacked account got banned. I was also lucky enough to take advantage of the Arcane force exploit back then but was too afraid to go all out so, I wasn't able to fully abuse the exploit to prepare for the Arcane Symbol level increase. Years go by of more casual hacking.
    This is where I finally start my actual meso farming business. I was able to experiment around with the settings in terminal and used my past experience to better improve.

    I believe that I've gotten as far as I can get to "safely" meso farm in Maplestory without getting any bans on my meso farming accounts. I've heard of stories of people on here that have bots that have never gotten banned to this day or at least have gotten away with it for months on end- I have confidence that I've become one of those people. The real point I'm trying to brag about here is that I believe I won't get banned on any of my meso farming bots until I reach my goal of 1 Trillion Mesos farmed. I've been meso farming on these bots for weeks now and not a single have happened for close to a month.

    Initial Set-Up for the Road to 1 Trillion Meso hourney:
    • Currently have a godly 250 main account for bossing and selling drops.
    • I have a Kanna and a Blaster at a very high level to farm for many items in Arcane River to make side profit. Note: These accounts will not count as my Meso Farmers so, in the event of getting banned, they will not be counted.
    • I have a total of 26 Bots setup for meso farming but capable of running a few more.
    • I currently only have 1 computer for these bots but planning on getting a second or maybe even third one soon.
    • My estimate rate is: 25m-30m per minute; or 30b-36b per day. In terms of real currency, those are equivalent to $75-$90 daily.
    Rules for this journey:
    1. Only pure Mesos farmed on the Meso farmers are going to be considered in the total of Meso.
    2. Although it will be rare but in the event that it happens, I do not count future farmers that are in the leveling up stage that get banned as an actual ban for meso farming.
    3. I will be restricting my use of the Mesos farmed. Only condoned use of meso are as follows:
      1. Bettering my bots whether for more damage or for more Meso Obtained equipment.
      2. Selling for real currency to better my bot setup such as, purchasing more accounts or proxies when necessary.
      3. List is subject to change as needed.
    4. I will be renewing my Terminal subscriptions, proxies, and buying accounts with the real currency I have now so's to not slowdown my journey.
    5. In the event that I do get a ban, I will report it and continue on with my journey. The "not a single ban" thing is simply just a challenge for myslef- as long as I'm still able to make steady profit to get to 1 Trillion Meso, I will keep on updating my progress.
    6. I will be collecting the pure Meso farmed every single day and updating this thread soon after.
    7. Any upgrades to the bots or the bot setup in general will be reported.
    8. I will also be using these bots to Elite Farm.
    9. Rules are subject to change as needed.
    I'd also like to add that I'm excited to go on this journey not only to see how far I can go but to also test myself because I have a tendency to quickly sell and use the meso I farm. With this thread, I'll have something to keep me accountable.

    Today, I decided to invest into dedicated servers to be able to run more bots. I can use my local PC for lvling up my other bots and what not without it lagging.

    View attachment 37238
    View attachment 37239

    Today's Profit: 26B
    Total: 26B

    Purchased some Kannas and Arks to help me get more bots but also leveling some of my own.

    View attachment 37265
    View attachment 37266

    These are Screen Shots from today's and yesterday's profits.

    Today's Profit: ~30B
    Total: ~56B

    Had really bad lag today, who would have thought, right?
    View attachment 37294
    View attachment 37293

    These are screen shots of the last few days' totals.

    Today's Profit: 32B
    Total: 88B

    Nothing else to report today except that I was training more bots. Will update my bot setup tomorrow,

    View attachment 37310
    View attachment 37311

    These were screen shots of the last few day's totals.

    Today's Profit: 36B
    Total: 124B

    Bot Update: Currently running 41 clients in total for Meso farming.
    Had a bit of a scare today but it turned out to be nothing.

    View attachment 37343
    View attachment 37344

    These are totals of the previous days.

    Today's Profit: 39B
    Total: 163B

    Nothing interesting to report today except that I'm working on more bots- as always.

    View attachment 37384
    View attachment 37385

    Once again, these are the totals of the previous days.

    Today's Profit: 47B
    Total: 210B

    If you find any spelling errors or repetitions of words (i tend to do that) please, inform me. That would be very appreciated because im sort of a perfectionist.
    If you would like to add me on Discord for questions or maybe get updated on my journey quickly, add me: PreOverkill#3008
    I may make a server for my journey but as of right now, I feel like it's a little much. Who knows~~
    I'm paranoid that somehow, posting things like this (logs, achievements or testimonials) will somehow jinx me and get me banned lol. So, stating my paranoia will help- i guess, calm me down. In the event that I get a ban, the fact that I guessed before hand that I would jinx and get myself banned for making these things, will give me relief.
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    PM me or add at discord Catfish Slayer#9171 if you looking for team & think you can handle it.
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    Updated to "Road to 1 Trillion Meso"
    Let my paranoia begin.

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