S>2 Great Na Accounts+plus ed

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    Selling a +9 Tempest Burster with Stage 8 void weapon includes LV 124 ERP, lv 6 blacksmith, and +8 4/4 Elrianode gear ( I can send images for this one if I’m contacted)

    C.o (none) B.o (125) negotiabe

    Second is ara +10 perk legend
    OoR Passion Play
    Rena +9 mk legend
    OoR (images available below for this one)

    B.o 200
    If you want 10b ed with ara acc your rate will be 20:1 and the account will be worth 400

    Also selling ed 20:1

    Pm me at discord : killzone9876#0594

    Not selling any ib sets!!

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