Scammed by Elthotty.

Discussion in 'Report a Scammer' started by ManOfTheYear, May 12, 2018.

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  1. ManOfTheYear

    ManOfTheYear United States The New Guy

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    I was scammed by Elthotty earlier this week for $350 when I tried to purchase a +12 amulet from him. Long story short I gave him the money but he never showed up and stopped replying to me and had the audacity to spread lies about me and photoshopping the conversation. Also sorry for the language I was very heated by what he did.

    Link to the thread:

    Screenshots of the REAL conversation:

    Video of the REAL conversation:

    One of his responses:
    "Why are you doing this to me? You paid. You got your +12 amulet. PLEASE STOP. THIS IS WHY IM SO NEGLIGENT TO SHOW MY IGN/CHARACTERS TO BEGIN WITH"

    His discord is Thotty#7076
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  2. shadowerace

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    scamming is bad, but are you actually this retarded? o.0
    should be easy ban since he's refusing to show the item even after you paid the first half AND teamviewing your discord log would show evidence of photoshopping
    @ElThotty @Qybah
  3. Qybah

    Qybah A/S/L/P? SMOD Premium

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    What a dick... Banned.
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