[Suggestion] Scammers need more account progression?

Discussion in 'Forum Suggestions & Questions' started by OfficialBW, Aug 25, 2017.

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  1. OfficialBW

    OfficialBW Godly Hacker

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    Okay so i've just came back since like 1 or 2 month's of leaving GK for many reason's.
    1.) Was scammers.
    2.) Was my job.
    Anyway's i've had an idea popping in and out of my head since. How about Noob account progression?
    I've seen a lot of people get scammed by NOOB account's or ALT account's.
    This is an actual person who was banned for scamming.
    Now see this user has 5 post's. That's crazy.
    Now from my understanding is that Blaze does ban the IP's and stuff but can we go further and implementing certain precautions to this?
    1.) User must have atleast 100 post's before selling anything on any market.
    2.) User must have atleast 70 post's before buying anything on any market.
    3.) User's account must be atleast a month old to buy anything on any market.
    4.) User's account must be atleast 6 week's or 42 day's old before selling anything on any market.
    5.) Now this one is a straight IDEA. Middleman. Maybe Blaze or Qybah or the Support team can recruit middlemen or something along those lines? That could be a totally different thread though.

    That's about it.

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  2. xchedeiklo

    xchedeiklo Premium Premium

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    but im antisocial... :(

    posting things are hard :o
  3. inewbu

    inewbu Canada Veteran Hacker

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    post about when u last poop today
  4. shadowerace

    shadowerace Australia $ VIP Meso Farmer $ Premium

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    what? :openmouth:
  5. GKThrowaway

    GKThrowaway United States Premium Premium

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    I'd prefer not to have a post count requirement because it ends up just being spam
  6. do0dles

    do0dles United States Informed Hacker

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    Look at the primary method used, determine preventive measures, implement.
  7. Bobby017

    Bobby017 United States Informed Hacker

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    Some people like me post when they're generally interested in something rather than just trying to increase post counts but I see where you're coming from.
  8. lordtrox2010

    lordtrox2010 United States Premium Premium

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    I agree with the idea. would mat hard for scammers to pop up.
  9. Unforgiven

    Unforgiven United States Local Accounts 225 Kannas banned

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    Post count ends up being spam. Days inactive. And I surely don't like paying for a middleman. I wouldn't buy from someone unless they had 10+ vouches.
  10. OfficialBW

    OfficialBW Godly Hacker

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    Qybah already stop's most of the spammer's. If you get a New Sign up today, and he make's 100 post's within an hour I'm pretty sure Qybah or anyone else helping forums is going to stop him, ban him, or take away post count's. To actually spam a forum is hard, 1,) You have to wait a certain amount of time before posting again, 2.) you will pop up on latest messages about 50 time's and then qybah or someone will defineatley see you, 3.) it will stop the scammer's in their tracks. If all you do is want to join a forum to sell thing's or buy thing's then you should be apart of the WHOLE Forum not just Market section. I used to be joined with another forum. Who is WELL KNOWN now. All they did was raise post count to 150 for even getting into Market section and they are balling. Scammer's are rare on their website now. Maybe it's cause they have a little more forum moderators but still there's enough here to actually stop the scammer's help make this forum more attractive. Also I've had Veteran friend's on this forum get scammed and quit since because it's hard to gain trust on a forum and then just get scammed because they wanted you to go first.
    Either all that should or could happen, or they can just hire "For free obviously" some middlemen. Where no matter what someone will be on to Middleman a deal.
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    Exactly and that's why i made it a suggestion. Scammer's get banned, ip banned. They come right back with a new IP

    Okay well you can easily find atleast 20-50 thing's on this forum your PROBABLY interested in, at first when i joined all i had talked in was GMS hacks. I'm all over the forum now posting in different sub thread's just because i took a gander around for like 30 minute's. It's not hard just to find something you would like to talk about, even write a paragraph. When people just join and spam forums like "Oh Cool" "Nice where can i find this" "Is this out" that's how you know people spam for forum post count's.

    I'm not sure what you meant here but it might be good? Explain more.

    There's ways you can prevent forum spa. If the forum moderators wanted too, they could make you post atleast 2 sentence's or more.
    On another Forum i used to be active on. They made it so if it isn't over 60 character's you cannot post it.
    --- Double Post Merged, Sep 11, 2017 ---
    I know a bunch of Anti social people. I actually used to be one.There is a dude in game who is Antisocial if you do play maplestory. Who has the most item's, Mesos, & godlies in the world just from being antisocial. you think he doesn't talk from here and there?

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