[WTS] Selling Full sets for all characters excluding Ain

Discussion in 'ELSWORD Online Market' started by Maykeee, May 20, 2017.

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    [NA] server (cheapest seller!)

    Selling the following sets : all sets are around 100 to 150 USD open for discussion.

    Chung: dragon knight DK abbandon Full set missing leg wing (SOLD)

    Elesis: Henir IB 9/9(SOLD) | Dragon knight abbadon full set missing leg wing(SOLD) | Archangel Full set missing leg wing | archdevil Full set.

    Eve: El officer full set | DK abbadon full set missing Leg wing and hair. (have helm).

    Ara: DK darkside Full set missing leg wing | Archdevil full set both hair missing leg wing .

    Lu: Archdevil Full missing pink hair and leg wing| Ceil: full royal maid set | ArchAngel full missing leg wing

    Rena: Archdevil Full set | DK darkside full set

    Aisha: DK abbadon full set missing leg wing

    Rose: IC full set | Archdevil Full set missing black hair and leg wing

    Add: DK abbadon full set missing hair and leg wing | Archdevil full outfit missing weapon and black hair

    Elsword: Full ArchDevil both hairs(SOLD)

    No Trades wanted don't even try

    For information contact me on Skype : (Maykeee007) / Discord : (Maykeee#4089)

    I will show set online before trading with you , so you know what is you're paying for
    I'll record and screenshot every part of the trade.

    (here is Information on how the trade will go: you will simply either trust me and send me the full payment and get your Set immediately in the trade after checking that your payment went through, if you dont trust me u could simply send me half/quarter/ of the payment and get parts of the set you are buying, then u could send me the rest of the payment and you will get the rest of the set. ) thank you for cooperating with me ! <3
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  2. KuroAlliance

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    Reliable seller and super nice. Split payments in half, everything went great. Thanks!
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  3. Maykeee

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