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Discussion in 'ELSWORD Online' started by killzone9876, Apr 15, 2018.

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    I’ll mention some of the major things here. And if you contact me I’ll happily send screenshots-

    -ERP is 166
    -Its an eve that has Stage 15 +10 void drones.
    -Comes with OoR & Passion Play
    -Has +9 4D armor and +10 4D drones
    -Rare IM coustumes and 13 suits
    -3 pages of mounts
    -2 pages of pets
    -Comes with lots of poses
    -Comes with all awakening effects
    -Comes with 6 different sits
    -Has some skill cut-ins

    Feel free to contact me on discord killzone9876#0594

    I’ll only do PP,
    No refunds, I will have you type in no refund.

    My c/o is $250 if I don’t get anything higher by 4/20/18 the account is sold and I will 10/10 not update this thread about it

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